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Low Temperature Paints

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Low temperature paints, primers and repair materials which can be applied at temperatures as low as -35 °C are available to buy today at Rawlins Paints. These specialist products are also known as cold-set paints, cold weather, or winter grade coatings. Essentially and importantly, these paints can cure at low temperatures – such as in cold storage facilities, industrial, coastal structures, pulp and paper plants, bridges and offshore environments, food manufacturing plants, and strictly monitored temperatures at chemical handling facilities – where there are no options to climatise the environment to standard room temperature and where one-coat systems are preferred. This greatly reduces any downtime required when performing maintenance upgrades or repair work to flooring or metal structural surfaces.

There are some standard and commonly used floor paints at Rawlins Paints which are also available in winter grade versions – for a more uniformed colour finish across different environmental areas, such as walk in freezers and the accompanying restaurant kitchen floor.

Some common drying and performance problems encountered when painting in colder conditions include poor colour uniformity, poor adhesion, reduced durability and stain/chemical resistance, the paint film cracking or improper curing which leads to creation of powdery film, extended paint mixing time or the added requirement of paint additives, longer periods of time between coats and greatly reduced paint coverage.

Paints and coatings which aren't specifically manufactured and developed with low temperatures application in mind can have disastrous results if used in environments which are too cold for them. Not only can the product become thicker and difficult to apply it can impair the overall performance of the product long term. Therefore, it is advised that a purpose made low temperature paint is used to get the full benefits from a new floor paint system. Water-based paints, on the other-hand, will freeze at low temperatures and be critically affected by the slower evaporation rates.

Small drops in temperature can extend the recoat times of many paints. Winter grade, or low temperature paints, are specifically designed to improve and reduce the time between recoats. They are also designed to offer improved consistency, adhesion properties, durability and colour to areas where the temperature may differ from different areas on the same structure – more noticeable on metal, as opposed to wood surfaces.

A common ‘problem’ with cold storage units is the lack of ventilation, many products we offer are solvent free for this reason, however all coating application will require a degree of Personal Protection and breathing apparatus and it must be used when advised to do so in a product’s data sheets. The moisture content of a substrate and the dew-point can also affect drying times and application temperament. Dew-point meters are available at Rawlins Paints to check the environmental conditions before beginning any works.

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