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MagPaint Europe develops specialist wall coatings for creating blackboards and whiteboards in and around the home and workplace. With a magnetic paint enriched with iron powder it is easy to create noticeboards on surfaces that can be overcoated with emulsion in any colour or used underneath wallpaper. Their low-odour paints and coatings are safe to use indoors, and cure quickly, making them ideal for creative projects or professional installations in workplaces.

Magnetic Paints at Rawlins Paints

At Rawlins Paints we carry the full range of MagPaint Europe's specialist and creative wall coatings and accessories to quickly and easily transform surfaces into storage areas for ideas and reminders, tasks and plans, or as children's play areas in the home, school or nursery. These include the popular Magnet Paint and Magnet Paint for Professionals, which are typically used with their specialist Neodymium Magnet accessories.

For more information about any product from MagPaint, please contact our Technical Team on 0113 245 5450, or download data sheets available from each product page.

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Magpaint Europe Beamer Paint For Pros

Magpaint Europe Beamer Paint For Pros, a two-part system that transforms smooth interior surfaces for beamer projection, optimising for a sharp picture and rich contrast for presentations and business environments. Optimises walls for projection Ideal for large, unusual, and curved walls Can be applied with a roller or spray Compatible...

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Magpaint Europe Blackboard Paint

MagPaint Blackboard Paint creates a writeable blackboard of any shape or size on interior surfaces that is ready for use after 24 hours. Create an area for taking notes and lists or for making drawing surfaces in children`s play areas, or use in conjunction with Magnet Paint for a truly magnetic chalkboard. Creates a blackboard of any shape...

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Magpaint Europe Blackboard Paint For Pros

Magpaint Europe Blackboard Paint For Pros creates a blackboard on any smooth interior surface for writing on with dry chalk, often in as little as one layer. Use on doors and walls, kitchen cabinets and tables to sketch out plans, take notes, advertise, etc, in business environments. Easy to apply directly to surfaces Works on wood, MDF...

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Magpaint Europe Magnet Paint

Apply Magnet Paint to any internal surface to create a magnetic notice board for storing notes, letters, tasks and reminders, as well as a creative play area for children. Create a magnetic noticeboard on any internal surface As long as there is a good pre-treatment of the substrate Child-friendly Can be overcoated with blackboard...

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Magpaint Europe Magnet Paint For Pros

MagnetPaint For Pros, a water-based paint enriched with iron powder for turning surfaces magnetic - ideal for creating noticeboards and storage areas in offices, kitchens and staff rooms. Easy to apply Can be painted onto most surfaces and covered over with blackboard or whiteboard paint Apply with a roller or sprayer Meets health and...

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Magpaint Europe Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets for use with Magpaint Europe`s Magnet Paint and Magnet Plaster applications. These superior magnets can hold up to 14 A4 sheets each, making them ideal for presentations in workplaces, recipes and notes in kitchens, etc. Available singularly or in a pack of 4.**Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Magpaint Europe Paint For Pros Magnet Plaster

Paint For Pros MagnetPlaster, a dark grey ready-mixed premium plaster for turning interior surfaces magnetic. Can be overcoated with conventional paints, or use blackboard or whiteboard paint for a writeable, magnetic surface. Easy to apply - can be fully loaded with magnets after 24 hours Creates a noticeboard or storage area for offices,...

Price £109.35
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Magpaint Europe Quartz White Primer

Paint For Pros Quartz White Primer, a ready-to-use primer to improve adhesion of plaster, specifically MagnetPlaster. Easy to apply One layer provides sufficient strength Contains little to no solvent Meets health and safety requirements for indoor use Tack-free after an hour Ready to plaster over after 12 hours **Available for...

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Magpaint Europe Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape

Magpaint Europe Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape simply attaches to the back of items to make them magnetic, attracting to metal surfaces such as filing cabinets, and is perfect for use with Magnet Paint and Magnet Plaster. **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Magpaint Europe Sketch Accessories Kit

The Magpaint Europe Sketch Accessories Kit contains everything you should need for your dry erase surface and is ideal for use with surfaces treated with Sketch Paint, enabling drawings and notes to be taken and then cleaned off and refreshed for further use. The kit contains: Sketch Paint Cleaner Spray 125ml 4 x Assorted Coloured Sketch...

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Magpaint Europe Sketch Cleaner Spray

Use Magpaint Europe Sketch Cleaner Spray to clean dry-wipe surfaces, particularly those treated with Sketch Paint, of notes and drawings to keep the surface bright and clean. **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Magpaint Europe Sketch Marker Pens

Magpaint Europe Sketch Marker Pens are specifically designed to work well with Sketch Paint coatings, allowing ideas, messages, reminders and appointments to be made on the dry-erase surface. Available in individual colours as well as multi-packs of 4 black markers, or 1 each of green, blue, red and black. **Available for delivery - see...

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MagPaint Europe is at the forefront of creativity in the home and workplace, stimulating ideas and communication through transformation of surfaces into convenient whiteboards, blackboards and magnetic notice boards.

The comprehensive range includes professional coatings for intensive use in offices, commercial properties such as cafes and shops, and school classrooms and nursery playareas, with coverings that can be used at home in the kitchen and bedroom.

The low VOC content is child-safe and can be used on internal projects without smells and odours.

Creativity With MagPaint Europe

It is not just paints and coatings that MagPaint Europe can help you increase your productivity through creativity with, but their range of accessories include Sketch Marker Pens, Spray Cleaners, Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape, and high strength Magnets work well with the following products:

About MagPaint Europe

Selling magnet paint internationally, MagPaint Europe is a are the number one brand of choice for magnet(ic) paint. Worldwide, their products are sold in over 30 countries on three continents, and Rawlins Paints are proud to distribute their product ranges in the UK market.