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Stimsonite 980 Road Studs - Limited Stock

Stimsonite 980 Road Studs are surface mounted road studs that are injection moulded from durable polymers to endure high traffic volumes. The patented sure grip base provides excellent adhesion to the road surface and the patented prismatic glass lens provides high, long-term levels of enhanced reflectivity.

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Marine paints for other areas of boats and offshore infrastructure that also require maintenance from time to time. Smooth and anti-slip deck paint, bilge paint, boot-topping, low friction coatings for ice breakers, surface tolerant epoxy for tidal zones, high-build cargo hold coatings and more. 

This category contains paints that are for specific uses in the marine sector and are better performing than general coatings for the same use.

Teamac, International and Jotun are paint creators that the offshore and marine industries heavily rely upon. International are based in the North East, famed for its port activity, Jotun specialise in robust chemicals and began in Norway, also renowned for their industries at sea, whilst Teamac are marine specialists based in Hull – another thriving port.

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  • Brand: Teamac

Teamac Bilge Paint

Teamac Bilge Paint, provides protection for the inside surfaces of the hull below the water line.  A resilient and hardwearing single pack coating providing available in 4 colours. Advantages Hardwearing and resilient Single Pack formulation Use on inner hull walls Suitable for use on wood, metal and GRP Click to jump down to...

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Teamac Black Tar Varnish

Teamac Black Tar Varnish, is a synthetic tar varnish for industrial, agricultural and marine use. It is used for the protection of (weathered) wood, metal and other surfaces, inside or outside and should be used on barns, farm buildings, roofs etc. and marine applications. Advantages Synthetic tar varnish Weathered surface protection...

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Teamac Boot-topping

Teamac Boot-topping, is an interface coating for use between the waterline and the deck coatings, provides a hard surface less receptive to marine growth and is polish-able to remove grime. Advantages Easy to apply Water and weather resistant Industrial grade marine coating Very hard wearing solid finish Click to jump down to...

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Teamac Deck Paint Smooth

Teamac Deck Paint Smooth, is a conventional, durable, protective coating for wood and metal decks.  It can be used on suitably prepared wood and metal decks as well as directly to GRP decks. Advantages Protective. Good durability. Suitable for wood, metal and GRP. Click to jump down to Technical Data

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Teamac Suregrip Deck Paint

Teamac Suregrip Deck Paint, is a modified alkyd, ready mixed, aggregated deck coating which provides a rough anti-slip finish when dry Suitable for: Foot traffic Light truck traffic Use on wood Use on metal Use on concrete Use on GRP Available in a range of colours Click to jump down to Technical Data

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Teamac Marine Matting Agent

Teamac Marine Matting Agent, is a matting additive that allows the sheen level of all colours of Teamac Marine Gloss to be customised. Advantages Allows Marine Gloss sheen levels to be customized. Use to produce a range of finishes Matt, Eggshell, Satin & Semi-Gloss Ideal for use where low glare is required such as boat roofs and...

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