Hydron Nu-Flame Fire Upgrade System (For Timber)

The Nu-Flame Fire Upgrade paint system has been developed for the over-coating of multi layered paints for areas without the need to strip the current paint. This Timber pack is ideal for doors and skirting. All packs achieve BS Class 1/0 Surface Spread of Flame protection For interior use only Shipping Options (Select at...

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Hydron Nu-Flame Fire Upgrade System (For Walls and Ceilings)

The Nu-Flame Fire Upgrade paint system has been developed for the over-coating of multi layered paints for areas such as stairwell, corridors and lift lobbies without the need to strip the current paint. Advantages All packs achieve BS Class 1/0 Surface Spread of Flame protection. For interior use only. Pack comes complete with the Heat...

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Thermoguard Fire Varnish BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B System

Thermoguard Fire Varnish BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B s2 d0 System is a clear fire retardant varnish for interior and exterior timber surfaces. ADVANTAGES Clear or stained finish Tough/Durable finish UV and wear protection (Matt & Satin) Enhances natural beauty Shipping Options (Select at Checkout): Economy Shipping...

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Thermoguard Thermocoat W

Thermoguard Thermocoat W is a White Intumescent Paint for steel, structural steel and cast iron:  Up to 90 minutes’ fire resistance Can be overcoated with compatible decorative topcoat Water-based Low odour Environmentally friendly Cost effective for large projects Certificate of supply available on request Can be applied by brush,...

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Marine Paint

Painting your boat, whether it’s personal or commercial, fresh or sea water vessel, doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Rawlins Paints stock a wide range of marine paint products, including deck paint, antifouling paint, bilge paint, marine gloss, boot-topping, ice breaker low friction coatings and more.

We also offer products for the harshest marine environments, such as coatings to protect offshore structures that are submerged in tidal areas, as well as commercial trading vessels. If you’re not sure which marine coating you need, call or email our Technical Team for a rundown of our portfolio.

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PPG SigmaShield 880

PPG SigmaShield 880 (also known as Amerlock 880) is a two-component, high-build, polyamine adduct-cured epoxy coating primarily designed for use in offshore splash zone maintenance such as pipelines, jetties, piling, etc. with outstanding sea water resistance that requires just a single coat that continues to cure when immersed in water....

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PPG SigmaShield 880GF

PPG SigmaShield 880GF, also known as Amerlock 880GF, a two-component, surface tolerant high solid glass flake epoxy coating designed for use in heavy-duty and corrosive environments for offshore splash zone maintenance. Outstanding sea water resistance - Excellent corrosion resistance Enhanced impact and abrasion resistance - Continues to...

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PPG Sigmarine 35

PPG Sigmarine 35 is a micaceous iron oxide (MIO) alkyd topcoat with excellent resistance to atmospheric industrial exposure conditions and UV. Available in 4L and 20L sizes in dark or light grey, with a flat finish. Quick drying - touch dry after 1 hour Can be overcoated after 16 hours (at 20°C) One-component For air spraying or...

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PPG Sigma EP 110 Primer

PPG Sigma EP 110 Primer is a two-component, zinc phosphate blast primer/sealer for use in industrial or coastal atmospheres, with excellent rust preventing properties and curing at temperatures down to 5°C (41°F). Excellent rust preventing properties in industrial or coastal atmospheres Cures at temperatures down to 5°C (41°F) Excellent...

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International Interstores Alkyd Primer

International Interstores Alkyd Primer, a quick drying one pack primer that is surface tolerant and compatible with most substrates and able to be overcoated with a wide range of finishes. Use for the maintenance of above water areas and at On Board Maintenance only. Part of a dedicated range of On Board Maintenance (OBM) products specifically...

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Jotun Marathon 550

Jotun Marathon 550 is a two component polyamine cured epoxy coating for carbon steel, galvanised, stainless steel, aluminium and concrete substrates as a primer, mid coat, finish coat or as single coat system in atmospheric and immersed environments. Recommended for use in offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings,...

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HMG Coma Berenice

HMG Coma Berenice is a super durable single pack marine varnish based on innovative polymer materials. Coma Berenice offers outstanding physical properties including exceptional film build, ultra high gloss and excellent ultraviolet resistance. Its ease of usage and high performance make it the first choice marine varnish for many boat...

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HMG Marine Varnish

HMG Marine Varnish is a tough and durable clear gloss formulated on a unique blend of polyurethane alkyds for high quality marine and can be used for industrial finishing. This product MUST be purchased/used in conjuction with its manufacturer specified base or activator/hardener/thinner: 2-Pack System Details Base (Part 1) HMG...

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HMG Superthane

HMG Superthane is a 2K high build, polyurethane coating offering the ultimate levels of chemical resistance, graffiti resistance and superb durability. Superthane has been tested against a wide variety of substances to demonstrate its superb chemical resistance properties. This product MUST be purchased/used in conjuction with its...

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Tikkurila Fontecoat EP 50

Tikkurila Fontecoat EP 50, a two-component water-borne epoxy topcoat and a single-coat paint recommended for framework, service platforms, conveyors and other steelwork, machinery and equipment. The product has MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certificate no VTT-C-12360-15-18 and is thus accepted for painting surfaces inside ships. Huge...

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Tikkurila Temacoat RM 40

Tikkurila Temacoat RM 40, a two-component, resin modified epoxy primer/topcoat that can be used as a single-coat system. Good adhesion to steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces exposed to severe abrasion or chemical stress Suitable for concrete surfaces and has a CE marking Can be used on steel structures in wet environments, e.g. inside...

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Tikkurila Temadur 10

Tikkurila Temadur 10, a two-component matt polyurethane paint containing anti-corrosive pigments used as a single-coat paint for steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces. Huge colour range available with RAL, BS & NCS shades Can also used as a primer or a matt topcoat in epoxy systems exposed to weathering and/or chemical stress...

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Our ethos is to offer lesser known brands that do not compromise on a quality finish, meaning we can offer products that work at a fraction of the cost of market leaders.

Marine Gloss Paints

Teamac boat paint comes in several types, including Teamac Marine Gloss and Teamac Antifoul paint. Teamac’s marine gloss is a superior marine coating with a high gloss finish, suitable for lots of different marine areas above the water line, including masts, bridge fronts and deck work. It’s available in assorted colours and should be applied by roller or brush.

If you’re looking for a yacht varnish, then Teamac Teamalak yacht varnish is a good choice. It can be used on all wood surfaces where you need a high gloss, UV resistant finish. This could include furniture on deck or woodwork on the outside of the yacht.

Jotun Spontan Varnish is an easy to use, one component coating with a gloss finish, making it an ideal marine varnish choice. As with many of our marine coatings (but not all, so make sure you check!), Spontan can be applied as a spray or with a brush.

Marine Topcoats

Teamac High Performance Finish is a two-pack top coat that will increase the durability of wood, metal and GRP surfaces on your vessel. It’s specifically designed as a marine topcoat and consists of a basecoat and hardener available in lots of assorted colours.

For a combined primer and topcoat for use on marine metal, select Teamac Duracote Red Oxide paint. It’s a general-purpose coating for metal and can be used inside and outside, so it’s perfect for lots of different marine uses.

Deck Coats

It’s important to find the right anti slip deck coating to ensure safety on deck. Teamac Suregrip Deck Paint is a specifically formulated deck coating for sea faring vessels. Already mixed and aggregated, Suregrip deck paint gives a rough anti-slip finish, making it safe for crew members to walk on deck even in rough seas. Available in lots of distinct colours, Suregrip can only be applied with a brush and is suitable for use on metal, wood, concrete and GRP.

Alternatively, Teamac Deck Paint Smooth is a protective coating designed to increase the durability and lifespan of wood, metal and GRP decks. Before you apply this deck paint, you need to make sure the surfaces are dry, clean and free from any contaminants, and if you are applying directly onto GRP you’ll need to abrade the surface before spraying, brushing or rolling the deck paint.

Boot-Topping Paints

Boot-topping paint products are used to paint the area of a hull between the load line and the waterline of a vessel. It’s specifically formulated to provide antifouling qualities in that it’s less receptive to marine growth. It’s also polishable so it’s easy to clean. Teamac Boot-topping paint is a very hard-wearing finish and is water and weather resistant. It can be used directly onto GRP surfaces, but others will have to be primed and prepared properly with a suitable primer product.