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Coo-Var Oil Remover

Coo-Var Oil Remover is a water based, environmentally friendly cleaner with powerful cleaning and degreasing properties. To be used to degrease and remove oil patches from the surface prior to acid etching or painting. An excellent addition to the cleaning and preparation process. Product Features Designed for use on floors, walls and...

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Wethertex C10 Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash

Wethertex C10 Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash is a ready to use, water based masonry wash for the removal of a broad range of bacterial, algal and fungal growth on masonry surfaces prior to painting. Developed using fast acting bioactive technology, the product is particularly effective against algae and mould growth and creates a clean surface,...

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Hydron Mona-Clean Brick Cleaner

Mona-Clean Brick Cleaner is a strong acidic liquid specifically formulated to remove heavy grime deposits from sandstone and brick. For use in conjunction with pressure washing Suitable for exterior roofs, facades, floors landscaping products, internally on floors and many more examples below More Information **Available for...

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Hydron Mona-Clean Mortar Cleaner

Mona-Clean Mortar Cleaner is a specially formulated acidic cleaner designed for the effective removal of cement and mortar stains and spillages from walls and floors, especially on new build projects. For use on concrete, stone, brickwork and render Easy to apply, ready to use product that can also be diluted More Information...

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Hydron Mona-Clean Mastersolve

Mona-Clean Mastersolve is a water soluble degreaser formulated to remove staining and general grime from pre-fabricated buildings and other hard surfaces. Also suitable for cleaning industrial floors, outdoor paving and hard landscape surfaces Effectively removes staining from plastisol and other pre-finished building structures More...

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Sika Mould Buster

Sika Mould Buster is a powerful, fast acting solution which is effective on most surfaces. It removes algae, mould and green growth without the need for scrubbing or pressure washing. Approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulation 1986 (as amended) for use as directed. HSE No 8376. Also approved for use in Ireland, PCS No. 96329....

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Remmers Green Growth Remover

Remmers Green Growth Remover is a special detergent for removing green growth on terraces, stone floors and walls. Self-actively removes organic soiling with a deep cleaning effect No further washing of the surface needed, 24 hours of reaction time Can be used pure or diluted with water Long-term effect if applied undiluted Does not...

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Torkill W Fungicidal Solution

Torkill W Fungicidal Solution (DM405) is a solution of an approved biocide in water, HSE Approval No 4246 for use as a masonry surface biocide for professional use against mould, fungi, moss, etc. Suitable for treatment of similarly affected roof surfaces Coverage Calculator

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Keim Stone Cleaner

Keim Stone Cleaner (also known as Steinreiniger N) is a neutral, environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaner for stone.  Suitable for mild and gentle cleaning of well-adhered dust, grease, oil and soot pollution on natural stone, concrete and render facades Appearance: Transparent liquid Density: 1.0 g/cm3 pH value: 7.1 (neutral)...

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Keim Lime Remover

Keim Lime Remover is a pre-treatment and cleaning agent based on silicic acid which, when applied, reacts to form harmless compounds. Aqueous No solvents added Available in 5L and 20L containers Coverage Calculator More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Rust-Oleum Mathys 108 Surfa Etch Solution

Rust-Oleum Mathys 108 Surfa Etch Solution is an easy to use, non-flammable and virtually odour free etching solution for the preparation of smooth concrete surfaces, masonry, galvanized steel and aluminum before applying a paint coating system. Improves the adhesion of coating systems Neutralizes alkaline salts Also ideal to remove "white...

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Remmers Clean SL (Traffic Film Remover (TFR)

Remmers Clean SL (formerly Traffic Film Remover) is a highly effective solution of surface-active agents used for the removal of grime, crusts of dirt, dust and deposits of oil and grease on mineral substrates such as render, masonry work, concrete & natural stone.  Highly active High-yielding concentrate Low-foaming Can be used for manual or...

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