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Products in stock at Rawlins Paints today for masonry repair projects include waterproofing coatings to protect brick, slate and other masonry building substrates in the harshest UK weather conditions, alongside brick repair products - to help restore buildings and properties to their former glory. When it comes to painting masonry, it is best to take the time to thoroughly clean brickwork first, to remove moss, salt residue, and other components that can still corrode the underlying substrate after a new paint coating has been applied. Insufficiently cleaned masonry will also affect the longevity and protective qualities topcoats can provide. Once the cleaning has been done, then you can quite easily repair brickwork with fillers, sealers, dust-binding undercoats, and related products available below.

Whilst some masonry paints do bridge and seal masonry substrates, if there are any external wall surface materials cracking, crumbling, or assisting capillary action in allowing water to pass through brickwork and into the internal walls from external leaks and moisture sources, you will need to repair them first. Just because the exposed surface of brickwork, cladding, slate, or concrete has been sealed with a waterproofing coating doesn't necessarily mean that any damage is it hiding will not continue to cause structural issues. If you are unsure as to which product is best for repairing your masonry prior to applying a waterproof coating, contact a member of our Technical Support Team on 0113 245 5450 and we can assist you on product combinations that work best together, from the start of your project until the finished job!


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There are several different types of masonry on modern builds, including:

  • Load bearing masonry walls
  • Reinforced masonry walls
  • Hollow masonry walls
  • Composite masonry walls
  • Post-tensioned masonry walls

And masonry building materials can also include:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Concrete blocks
  • Slate
  • Marble blocks
  • Granite blocks
  • Tiles

Well maintained masonry can offer structural strength to a building, as it is this core building framework that if unprotected can lead to a building partially collapsing, letting in damp, greatly increase heating costs, and more - including being an eye-sore. Masonry repair materials available today at Rawlins Paints can help prolong the durability and strength of your property, whether it is in a coastal environment with harsh salt-water air, or a high-build in a heavily polluted city centre. 

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