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Mathys Paints are a branch of the Rust-Oleum brand and are specialists is:

  • Renovation Paint
  • Noxyde and Murfill Paints
  • Fillcoats
  • Waterproof and Rust-Proofing Coatings
  • Primers
  • Metal Cladding Topcoats
  • Direct To Paint Products
  • Hygiene Paints

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Mathys Adex

Mathys Adex should be used to impregnate new exterior wood that is not of first quality or bare exterior wood that is damaged in some way.

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Mathys Divalo

A tough, water based acrylic varnish to provide the finishing touch on interior wall paints when a high mechanical resistance is required.

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Mathys Fair Decor

An additive to water based paint to extend the drying time and reduce flow for producing paint effects such as dragging, rag rolling and marbelling. 

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Mathys Fairtex

Matt acrylic paint for the decoration of interior walls and ceilings. Can be applied to most common substrates including plaster, brick and concrete. Even old paint in good condition and most types of wallpaper can be directly recoated.

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Mathys Fassiclor Swimming Pool Paint

A solvent based, plastified, chlorinated rubber paint for swimming pools, fish ponds and any other areas requiring excellent water and chemical resistance such as industrial bunds, tanks, silos, etc. Alkali and acid resistant making it perfect for dealing with chemical and aqueous solutions in areas of constant submersion.

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Mathys Fassicoat

Satin finish wood paint for interior and exterior areas that does not require any primer or undercoat.

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Mathys Fassilux Aqua XPE Gloss

A water based, scratch resistant finish on properly prepared wooden or other already painted mineral substrates for interior or exterior use.

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Mathys Fassilux Aqua XPE Satin

A water based, satin finish for interior and exterior timber and previously painted mineral substrates to provide a smooth, scratch resistant finish.

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Mathys Fassilux Gloss

A solvent based high gloss enamel based on alkyd resins for use as a topcoat for interior and exterior woodwork. Applicable on wood and all pretreated not alkaline substrates.

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Rust-Oleum Mathys Paints and Coatings

Quality products deliver the best results, and this is case in point with Mathys, a sub-brand of Rust-Oleum. Manufacturers of a wide range of products for decoration, renovation, and protection purposes, including interior and exterior walls, floors and roofing. Both modern and innovative within their speicialist fields, there are a large number of Mathys Paint products to buy online today at

Mathys' paints suit many consumer needs, from small projects to large industrial scale purposes. Their rust-protective and waterproofing elements are ideal for exterior areas on surfaces including wood and metal. The Rust-Oleum Mathys Murfill Waterproof Coating product is ready to use and can be applied to any wall, offering fantastic exterior wall protection. For those requiring a single component, elastomeric coating with a corrosion and rust-proofing membrane, there is the Rust-Olum Mathys Noxyde Peganox, available here. Paints can be applied by brush, roller and/or spray, with each product description outlining specific requirements. 

Heavy Duty Waterproofing Paints

For industrial scale and extreme conditioned environments, Rust-Oluem Mathys Noxyde Peganox is an excellent anti-corrosion product that also offers waterproofing to areas needing a high resistance against salt-water spray. All paints are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, with a variety of finishes. Product descriptions also list the touch dry time and typical coverage area, per coat. For weathered bituminous substrates, Mathys Parafix, an acrylic based clear primer is a recommended product from Rawlins Paints.