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Medium-use floor paints at Rawlins Paints are intended for lower wear/traffic areas than their heavy-use counterparts, but do offer a lot of short to mid-term benefits as pedestrian-grade floor coatings. With no major preparation and easy application, the floor paints in this section are suitable for traffic such as wheelchairs, hospital/care-home beds, bicycles, storage bins/cages, heavy foot fall, etc. Certain products will even withstand light vehicular use pallet and fork-lift trucks, please contact us for compatibility advice.

Our medium use category provides a range of floor paints that are economical and their “take the lid off, stir and apply” practicality is ideal for many projects such as; Areas which are redecorated or refurbished once or twice a year – such as school corridors and classrooms, gymnasiums, canteens, tennis and other sports courts, restaurants, shops, workshops, safety walkways, etc. Single pack paints often have the advantage of being much quicker drying than their two-pack counterparts and can be ideal for areas where low downtime is required (getting the job done on a weekend).

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Refurb Paint

Caretakers will commonly repaint school facility floors out of term, or in the case of an impact accident (scrapes, scratches or unsightly blemishes) more often, and it is for these purposes that our medium use floor paints ‘save the day’. As opposed to heavy use paints, where large areas may need to be closed to blast the floors and prepare surfaces to be painted, a single pack paint can be chosen which is low odour and quick drying. For factories, warehouses and storage facilities many of these paints are fully tintable to a massive selection of RAL or British Standard (BS) paint colours. If you require a specific colour to match your company scheme, please contact us and we may be able to match what you require.

Shops and retail stores often need to seal off aisles for refurbishment every few months – most noticeably during inspection periods – and medium use paints allow for quick drying and low odour paint to be applied overnight, for use the following day.

The same is applicable for hospital and care-home wards, where refurbishment and decorating work is done on a rotating timescale. These paints suit the ‘need for speed’ in getting a quick turnaround with next-to-zero fuss on application times. There are specific paints for hygienic purposes too, perfect for health facilities, like doctor’s waiting areas, consultation rooms and chemists.

Water Based Floor Paints

Water based floor paints produce a very low odour, are non-flammable and dry by evaporation, which may be a necessity when painting floors in and around food facilities, where stock cannot be taken off-site. Canteens, cafes, restaurants and supermarket/shop storerooms would benefit greatly from bi-annual or annual paint coatings from those listed here. Paint additives can be added to these paints to add grip and anti-slip qualities to the finished coating.

Water based epoxy resin floor paints are becoming more popular, with more top brands producing them for the lower-to-mid markets, where budget and quick to apply paints are preferable. These high-performance floor paints contain low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and can safely be used in ‘occupied areas’. With these epoxy products becoming simpler to use they are ideal for both commercial and domestic. Check out Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Garage Floor Coating KitRust-Oleum Mathys Pegakote and Sikafloor 2540W.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Water Based and Solvent Based Paint

It’s usually one of the first things mentioned in the Technical Data Sheet for a product so check this first. But you should also be able to find information on the tin labels and as a tell-tale sign check what is recommended for cleaning equipment – this isn’t always fool proof but more often than not if the product is recommended to be cleaned with a solvent its solvent based and if it’s water they recommend its water based.

Other Types of Floor Paint

Rawlins Paints’ primary floor paints category contains more information about acrylic floor paints, epoxy floor paints, and further recommendations about anti-slip products. For those who are new to floor paints, it can be an overwhelming area to find the right paint for the job, which is why we have a specially trained technical advice team on hand by email or phone, who are happy to help you with your purchase, or offer application recommendations for specific situations, scenarios and locations.

Money Saving Floor Paints

Medium use floor paints are ideal for refurbs, or for tenants who are leaving premises and need a new ‘lick of paint’ to get the warehouse floor up to scratch. Rather than doing a full floor system installation, medium use floor paints are great for domestic and commercial building, council properties, as well as for private landlords who need quick solutions for cost sensitive projects. These paints can offer high coverage rates and withstand heavy footfall, but usually not vehicular use.

This section contains cheaper and more economic alternatives to 2 pack floor systems found in our Heavy Use Floor Paints section, but lower costs do not translate as lower quality products – just more practical products for lighter use tasks on tarmac surfaces, wood, asphalt, metal and concrete. Epoxy Ester Grade paint, for example, dustproofs, seals and transforms old and drab concrete floors to a mid-gloss finish. It is tough and durable, suitable for interior and exterior floors, with no primer required.

Some projects which suit paints from this section include garage floors, balconies, tennis courts, walkways, warehouses, manufacturing plants, disabled access paths, chalky finish floor paint for kitchens and bathrooms, low downtime market sectors where contractors are required to work out-of-hours and a quick return-to-service is required. A full spectrum or finishes and colours are available across the range to suit any project. 

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