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Taken from the full cladding paints range, Rawlins Paints stock profiled metal cladding paints, available for next day delivery. These are industry standard paints to rejuvenate tired and weathered metal cladding, adding a modern look, with bespoke colour options to bring your company or building's facade up-to-date. Offering up to 15 years' protection, previously damaged by cut edge corrosion cladding can be restored to look like new. Water, UV and weather damage can be repaired quickly. New profiled cladding panels can be blended in with existing cladding using a suitable primer if necessary to uniform the aesthetics and colour scheme on flat or profiled cladding. Stop rust from ruining cladding and running up extremely high maintenance costs right now, with the technical and product support available at Rawlins Paints.

Profiled metal cladding paints should be used for routine maintenance work to ensure that cladding remains stable, structurally sound and sustainable for up-to ten years before a further recoating may be required.

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Rawlins Paints' Blog - Metal Cladding Paint Posts

Rawlins Paints regularly post articles about cladding maintenance and application methods, which follow-on from commonly placed customer enquiries. So, whether you are looking for a simple guide to spray paint cladding and corrugated metals, to repairing cladding panel damage and the corrosive effects of cut edge corrosion, you'll find a helpful guide there. Alternately, drop us an email if there is a metal cladding paint topic you'd like a 'how to guide' about.

Profiled Metal Cladding Paint Locations

Buildings and industries who commonly have profiled metal cladding facades include factories, warehouses, retail establishments, shopping centres, leisure centres and holiday parks, hotels, hospitals, schools, workshops, garages, and portakabins. 

Metal Cladding Primers

Excessively aged or damaged cladding may require a suitable primer prior to a new cladding topcoat. Cladding primers for steel and aluminium cladding can make difficult to coat surfaces - where topcoats may not easily adhere to the substrate - much more maintainable. Providing a strong base for many topcoats, cladding primers can protect surfaces from further oxidation and degradation. For areas of buildings exposed to harsh weather, chemical or intense cleaning conditions, a primer will offer added corrosion protection, which with Rust-Oleum's cladding primer can be painted over with a topcoat after an hour of drying time.

Metal Cladding Maintenance Paint

Maintenance coatings for cladding can:

  • Be produced in a wide range of colours
  • Applied to previously painted, new or weathered cladding 
  • Offer excellent weather resistance 
  • Protect against scratches and abrasion damage 
  • Come in a range of gloss levels
  • Revive and protect aluminium and steel cladding
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