Stimsonite 980 Road Studs - Limited Stock

Stimsonite 980 Road Studs are surface mounted road studs that are injection moulded from durable polymers to endure high traffic volumes. The patented sure grip base provides excellent adhesion to the road surface and the patented prismatic glass lens provides high, long-term levels of enhanced reflectivity.

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Metal Cleaners

High performance cleaning and preparation solutions for metal surfaces aimed to aid surface preparation prior to painting, and ensure the best results are achieved.

Metal surfaces can often look clean, but they can have a nasty way of hiding things that are difficult to detect until it's too late. With these degreasers, oil and rust removers, you can assure that you are starting your metal work on solid, clean foundations.

Be sure to get rid of all that oil, grease, dirt and fabrication lubricants before applying your paint system, you'll thank us for it!

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904 Cladding Wash

A bio-degradable, concentrate solution that removes oil, grease and dirt which after application can be washed away through domestic drainage with sufficient clean water. 

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Teamac Mordant Solution (T Wash)

Teamac Mordant Solution (T Wash) is a pre-treatment for new galvanised steel to ensure adhesion of subsequent coatings. Satisfactory treatment will be shown by a colour change to dark grey throughout the whole surface. 

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International Interplus 546

International Interplus 546 is a single component solvent based cleaner/degreaser, which is specifically designed to remove surface contamination such as oil, grease, dirt and soot from metallic and coated substrates as part of a maintenance program.

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International Interplus 614

International Interplus 614 is a single component, water based rust remover gel, specifically designed to remove tightly adhering light to medium rust deposits from metallic substrates prior to repainting with approved maintenance coatings.

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International Interplus 634

International Interplus 634 is specifically designed to remove tightly adhering coating residues from metallic substrates prior to repainting with approved maintenance coatings. Coating residues include conventional epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds, acrylics and water borne coatings.

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International Interprime 160

International Interprime 160 is a phosphoric acid based mordant solution for treating galvanised steel. International Interprime 160 is for the chemical pretreatment of galvanised steel prior to the application of protective coating systems, in order to ensure good adhesion where blasting or abrasion is not possible.

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Sherwin-Williams Degreaser W500

Sherwin-Williams Degreaser W500, formerly known as Envirogard W500, is a water based degreasing agent based on a blend of plant derived surfactants free from caustic alkalis, silicates, harmful solvents, phosphates or aggressive biocides. Degreaser W500 is suitable for removal of dirt, oil and grease from all ferrous and non-ferrous metallic substrates,...

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Cromadex 678 Spirit Wipe

Cromadex 678 Spirit Wipe is formulated to remove all traces of oil and grease from metal surfaces prior to painting. Recommended for manual cleaning where vapour degreasing is not suitable, product is supplied ready for use.

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Bradite Pre-Treat Galvanised Steel

A mordent solution used as a pre-treatment for galvanised steel, to provide a key for all paint primers and finishes. Easy to use solution; clean up with water after use. Advantages British gas reference BGC MO1. Department of Transport Item NO:155. ISO 9001:2008 ISO 140001:2004

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We have a huge selection of metal paints in our warehouse specified to the needs of your environment. There are direct to metal paints, metallic finishes, primers, undercoats, topcoats, and heat resistant paints, a category that Rawlins Paints are the NUMBER 1 distributor for in the United Kingdom.

We also stock the very popular CombiColor and Noxyde range from Rust-Oleum, as well as paints by International, Coo-Var, Jotun, Teamac, Sika, Sherwin-Williams and more!