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Metal Paints

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We have quick drying paint for steel for day-to-day building maintenance, as well as high performance coatings for specialist environments and roof cladding that require long lasting protection. Our expertise in paint began with metal, since 1873 we have been supplying paints and coatings to protect and beautify metal surfaces. We offer a huge range of primers, topcoats, direct to metal and heat resistant paints for metal.

We believe in supplying tailored products that perform to the highest standards in specific areas, rather than a generic paint that can do lots of things second-rate. We like to split metal paints into two areas, Easy Maintenance and High Performance.

Easy Maintenance
A series of easy to use products that require no special skills to apply, for day-to-day maintenance of metal. The products require minimal surface preparation, are quick drying and are usually sufficient with just one or two coats.

High Performance
This range offers products that offer longer term protection against more demanding conditions such as, extreme corrosion, chemicals, impact and abrasion, coastal environments, etc. These systems often include multiple coats and products, more stringent preparation requirements and more need for care to be taken over application.

Our help and advice promise
Call our Technical Team to discuss which area your project falls into and what product(s) will be best for you. Site visits can be carried out for larger projects so a full specification can be produced in writing, which will be tailored to meet the projects requirements. Data sheets and advice are always freely available to help you with your project.

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