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International Interzone 101

International Interzone 101 is a two component, solvent free epoxy which can be applied underwater to give a corrosion and abrasion resistant coating. Intended for use as a hand-applied repair compound for application to submerged steelwork and splashzone areas of offshore jackets, piling and other permanently wet areas where conventional...

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International Intergard 821

International Intergard 821 is a two component solvent free epoxy filler, which is easily mixed and applied by knife or trowel. Intended as a filler for correctly prepared, corroded and pitted steel prior to coating maintenance. Coverage Calculator More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Carboline Splash Zone A-788

Carboline Splash Zone A-788 is a two-component, solvent-free patching compound used for repairing pits, cracks and voids in steel, concrete, wood, and other surfaces. Has the unique ability to be mixed, applied and cured underwater. Designed for underwater and other wet applications Can be applied up to 2" in thickness Dry to touch in...

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PPG SigmaZinc 19

PPG SigmaZinc 19 is a one-component, zinc-rich epoxy primer with good anti-corrosive properties, and whilst designed for repair of two-component zinc epoxy primers and zinc silicate primers, PPG SigmaZinc 19 can also be used as a reconditioner for aged, derusted and galvanised steel. Dries at temperatures down to –10°C (14°F) Dry heat...

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Heskins Corrosion Protection Tape

Heskins Corrosion Protection Tape, self-adhesive tape for preventing galvanic corrosion in metal. Available on 18.3m rolls in widths from 25mm up to 1150mm, with custom sizes made to order - contact our sales team on 0113 2455450 or [email protected] to discuss your requirements. More Information **Available for delivery - see...

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Tikkurila Temabond ST 200

Tikkurila Temabond ST 200 is a two component high-solids, aluminium pigmented modified epoxy maintenance paint for demanding surfaces such as steel structures, railway vehicles, and infastructure in energy and telecommunications. Surface-tolerant high-solids epoxy paint. Very good adhesion even to hand-prepared steel. Lower VOC emissions...

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Bonda Shutter Fill

Bonda Shutter Fill is a two-component filler for both wood and metal shuttering. Can be used for both deep and shallow damaged areas Strong adhesion Resistant to impact and abrasion Resistant to mould oils More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Bonda Rust Primer

Bonda Rust Primer is a resin-based zinc anti-rust coating treatment. It forms a tough skin with a bonded in anti-rust system for a long-term action. It has excellent adhesion to most metals and leaves a primed surface ready to paint with all types of paint. Stops rusting Fast drying Used to stop further corrosion Leaves a paintable...

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Bonda Rust Primer - Aerosol

Bonda Rust Primer - Aerosol is a rust prevention primer containing anti-rust zinc. A treatment for rust that leaves the surface ready to paint. A resin based zinc anti-rust coating Forms a tough skin Anti-rust system for a long term action Excellent adhesion to most metals Leaves a primed surface ready to paint with all types of paint...

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Bonda FEW Fine Surface Filler

Bonda FEW Fine Surface Filler is a two-component, polyester, very fine particle filler intended for surfacing work on metal, GRP, plywood and other fillers, prior to spraying. The filler is white in colour and the hardener is red to aid mixing. Primarily used for surfacing work on other fillers Normally requires no primer before topcoat...

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Bonda Body Light

Bonda Body Light is a two component, rapid hardening filler with soft sanding properties that provides a smooth surface. Bonds well to metal, GRP and wood Takes all types of paint Pack includes hardener and plastic spreader card More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Flag Anti-Corrosive QD Metal Primer

Flag Anti-Corrosive QD Metal Primer is a high build quick air-drying oxide primer for use on ferrous metals, which provides good protection prior to over coating with most solvent based finishing products. Ideal for interior and exterior Industrial Structural Steel Suitable for a wide variety of applications where speed and ease of...

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