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Moisture Tolerant Primers

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Carboline Carboguard 635

Carboline Carboguard 635 is an all-purpose immersion-grade epoxy that can be used direct to metal as a corrosion resistant primer or as an intermediate coating over other primers. Low temperature cure (20°F) Excellent corrosion protection Excellent application characteristics Fast recoat times Approved by ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for...

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Carboline Carbomastic 615

Carboline Carbomastic 615 is a two-component, high performance epoxy that has excellent resistance to fresh and salt water exposures. This coating exhibits outstanding moisture and surface tolerance during application, low temperature cure capability, and very fast cure response for quick return to service.  Suitable for immersion service...

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Carboline Phenoline 311 Primer

Carboline Phenoline 311 Primer is a two-component, tank lining holding primer that has a variety of attributes including low-temperature cure, fast recoat times, moisture tolerance during application and cure, and excellent blast-hold protection. Often used with thick film lining systems as a holding primer (maintain blast cleaning) and is...

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Rust-Oleum 769/780 Damp-Proof Rust Primer

Rust-Oleum 769/780 Damp-Proof Rust Primer is a single pack rust primer for direct application on slightly moist or dry metal surfaces. It is specially developed to be applied on hand tool prepared sound rusted steel surfaces. Available in 4,400+ colours, inc. RAL, RAL Design, BS, NCS & the new NCS 2050 colours Standard Light Grey is...

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Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M111

Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M111 is a 2-pack epoxy zinc phosphate primer for application to surfaces which have been prepared by wet abrasive blasting. It may also be applied to grit blasted surfaces and for surfaces prepared by UHP water blasting where existing blast profile is exposed.  Please note: This product is made to order subject to...

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Tikkurila Temacoat RM 40

Tikkurila Temacoat RM 40, a two-component, resin modified epoxy primer/topcoat that can be used as a single-coat system. Good adhesion to steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces exposed to severe abrasion or chemical stress Suitable for concrete surfaces and has a CE marking Can be used on steel structures in wet environments, e.g. inside...

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International Intergard 5000

International Intergard 5000, a 2 part universal epoxy anti-corrosive primer for use as a one or two coat system which can be applied directly to mechanically prepared shop primer or grit blasted, hydroblasted or mechanically cleaned surfaces. For use at Newbuilding, Maintenance & Repair or On Board Maintenance. Certified for approved...

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Hempel Hempadur Quattro 17634

Hempadur Quattro 17634 is an epoxy primer which cures to a hard and tough coating with good resistance to seawater and various oils. Good resistance to abrasion and has excellent anticorrosive and mechanical properties ideal for application in newbuilding, in ballast tanks, cargo oil tanks and cargo holds EC-type examined as a low flame...

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Hempel Hemucryl Primer Hi-Build 18032

Hemucryl Primer HI-Build 18032 is a water-borne, acrylic dispersion paint with good anticorrosive properties. Especially suited for application by airless spray. Complies with EU Directive 2004/42/EC, the Paints Directive on the limitation of volatile organic compounds: subcategory i Use as a primer in water-borne paint systems on interior...

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Hempel Hempadur 35560

Hempadur 35560 is a solvent free, high-build, polyamine adduct cured epoxy paint, which cures to a coating with good resistance to fresh water. Recommended as a lining in potable water tanks and pipelines and as a self-primed, high-build coating primarily for areas subject to abrasion and/or to a highly corrosive environment; e.g. splash...

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Hempel Hempatex Hi-Build 46410

Hempatex HI-Build 46410 is a physically drying, high-build coating with good colour retention as a flat finish, based on acrylic resin and non-chlorinated plasticizer. Recommended as a primer, intermediate or finishing coat in Hempatex-systems in moderate corrosive environments, suitable as a self-priming repair and touch-up coating for...

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Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength 45540

Hempadur Multi-Strength 45540 is a two component pure epoxy paint which cures to an abrasion and corrosion resistant coating. Applicable by standard heavy duty airless spray equipment. Well suited for application under humid conditions and for early water exposure. For professional use only Maintenance and repair primer in Hempadur systems...

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