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Norseal Athmer Alubros Brush Strip

Athmer Alubros Brush Strip, an aluminium carrier with nylon brush for application to the bottom edge of timber, metal and composite doors. Satin-silver colour with a 25mm brush length. More sizes available by special order - extended lead times and extra charges apply Contact our technical department with your requirements on 0113...

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Norseal Corner Seal

Norseal Corner Seal  is an acoustic perimeter seal for use around the head and jambs of acoustic doorsets. Supplied in 2100mm lengths as standard Available in Black, Brown and White Two size options: 12x12mm and 10x10mm Flexible and rigid PVC Self-adhesive Acoustically tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2 Smoke control tested...

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Norseal Cover Plates

Norseal Cover Plates cover apertures on doors and walls, leaving up to 67% free area. Can be used with Norseal intumescent block. Screw fixed Made from zintec coated steel NOTE: "COV-225X225S NORSEAL Cover plate to suit 225x225mm aperture SILVER" is currently only available with a 2-3 week lead time. All other sizes are in stock and...

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Norseal Fire Rated Door Viewers

Norseal Fire Rated Door Viewers, fire resisting timber doorsets providing fire resistance in accordance with BS 476-22 120 or 160 degree viewing angle options. Screwed together Material - Glass lens, Brass body Sizes 15mm ( 120°) 28mm ( 160°) Note: some sizes are currently only available on a 2-3 week delivery service - please see...

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Norseal Fire-Rated Letterplates

Norseal Fire-Rated Letterplates, fire resisting timber doorsets, 40-80mm thick, lined with intumescent material to improve safety of doors with letterboxes and apertures. Fire resistance in accordance with BS 476-22 Anti-snap flap with 180 degree opening Tested in accordance with TS32 (15,000 cycles) Water tightness up to 200Pa in...

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Norseal FSI Intumescent Fire Pillows

Norseal Intumescent Fire Pillows provide up to 4 hours fire resistance, creating a temporary or permanent fire barrier around all types of services to prevent the passage of fire through a compartment wall or floor, especially suitable where services are continuously being changed or replaced. Fire resistance tested in rigid walls &...

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Norseal Intumescent Air Transfer Grilles

Norseal Intumescent Air Transfer Grilles with black intumescent material for apertures within fire resisting timber doorsets and concrete walls, fixing securely with screws or pins. Fire rated in accordance with BS 476-20:22. Sizes available from 100 x 100mm up to 600 x 600mm Note: some sizes are currently only available on a 2-3 week...

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Norseal Intumescent Sheets

Norseal Intumescent Sheets for various locations within fire resisting doorsets, with a choice between interdens or graphite material. Fire resistance in accordance with BS 476-22 Up to 120 minutes fire resistance Note: some sizes are currently only available on a 2-3 week delivery service - please see below for more information More...

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Norseal P-Strip

Norseal P-Strip, self-adhesive sealing strip for timber door and window frames, with a recommended gap of 2-4mm. Excellent for retrofitting to casement windows without the need for routing Can be used to seal the top and bottom of a sash window Can be used in doorsets UV and Ozone stable Very good ageing properties Measures 9mm × 5.5mm...

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Norseal Pyrocoustic Fire Resistant Sealant / Trowel Grade Coating

Pyrocoustic Fire Resistant Sealant is a water based acrylic sealant used to reinstate the fire resistance of wall and floor constructions in linear joints and where apertures are penetrated by multiple services. Developed utilizing specialist polymer technologies allowing it to be tested and Certified to internationally recognised standards,...

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Norseal Pyroplex CE Intumescent Acrylic

Norseal Pyroplex CE Intumescent Acrylic, used to form linear gap seals where gaps are present in wall and floor constructions and linear joints where wall and floor constructions abut. Can also be used to form a penetration seal around metallic pipes and electrical cables to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor...

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Norseal Pyroplex Fire Rated Silicone Sealant

Norseal Pyroplex Fire Rated Silicone Sealant, a one part, low modulus, neutral cure, halogen free product suitable for the sealing of construction joints, and around pipe penetrations which have been protected by the recommended Pyroplex intumescent product. Ideal for the weathersealing of curtain walling, building facades and expansion...

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