Our tough and colourful single-component polyurethane floor paints are ideal for use on steel, concrete and wooden floors that require a hardwearing finish, providing excellent protection to substrates.

Easy to apply, the range features hundreds of RAL and British Standard colours to transform tired floors and new substrates, matching existing decor and company colour schemes.

Our Technical Support Team are on hand to advise on the best solution for your needs - contact them on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].

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Blackfriar Professional Polyurethane Floor Paint

This product is temporarily unavailable; in the meantime, our technical team recommend Rust-Oleum 7200 Floorcoat PU as a great alternative - use discount code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10%! Please note: it is important to check that any alternative product is suitable for your requirements, as our suggestion is given in good faith but...

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Bradite Polyurethane Floor Paint

Bradite Polyurethane Floor Paint is a tough and colourful floor paint that is ideal for use on flooring that needs to be hard-wearing. Manufactured under the auspices of an ISO 9001:2008 quality ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems. Available in more than 350 colours in RAL & BS Excellent at preventing dusting from...

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Bradite Rapid

Bradite Rapid is a high performance single-pack moisture cure polyurethane floor coating that is ideal for commercial and industrial environments. Available in a large amount of colours, including RAL shades, the tough and flexible film will provide water and chemical resistance.  Advantages Available in more than 350 colours in RAL &...

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Britannia Floor Paint

Britannia Floor Paint is a solvent-based, polyurethane coating for concrete and stone. It offers excellent protection and provides a cleaner, dust-free working environment. High performance Attractive mid-sheen appearance Hard wearing polyurethane finish Medium traffic use Resistant to many industrial chemicals and regular washing with...

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HMG Polyurethane Floor Paint

HMG Polyurethane Floor Paint is designed to provide a hard wearing yet economical surface coating. Its durability is achieved by the use of excellent quality resins, which also provide the user with a product that is very easy to use. Ease of use Available in a wide colour range including RAL & BS shades Please note: Colours are...

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Rust-Oleum 7200 Floorcoat PU

Rust-Oleum 7200 Floorcoat PU is a single pack, polyurethane enhanced floor coating for use inside and out that offers good protection and is very easy to apply. Available in 4,100+ colours, in Gloss and Satin finishes, including RAL, BS or NCS shades (except metallic and fluorescent shades), and can be applied directly on concrete floors,...

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Smartkote Protectakote UVR Smooth

Smartkote Protectakote UVR Smooth is a tough, aliphatic polyurethane coating, which forms a colour-fast, abrasion and weather resistant film. Protectakote UVR Smooth is single component, ready to use and easy to apply. High adhesion to most surfaces including metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass, PVC and rubber. Prevents rust and corrosion....

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Smartkote Protectakote WB Smooth

Smartkote Protectakote WB Smooth is a water-based, smooth polyurethane coating. This solvent-free formulation is weather resistant, has a low odour, and is non-flammable for both interior and exterior applications.  Single component – ready to use direct from can Easy to apply – no skilled labour required High adhesion to most surfaces...

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HMG 14 Line Fleet Polyurethane

HMG 14 Line Fleet Polyurethane is a high build, high solids polyurethane based on a unique blend of polyurethane alkyds.  It combines a long wet edge time with excellent hot spray application offering superb durability and gloss retention. Can be brushed directly from the can or with the addition of a small amount of thinner Suitable for...

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Axalta ViterFloor 276 Floor Paint

Axalta Viterfloor 276 Floor Paint is a single pack polyurethane floor coating for general purpose and light traffic areas. Economic, easily applied coating for concrete and wooden floors Mild solvent blend to minimise reaction with existing floor coatings and minimise the lifting of old coating edges Wide colour range of over 350+ RAL...

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HMG 14 Line Fleet Polyurethane Aerosol

HMG 14 Line Fleet Polyurethane Aerosol is a high build, high solids Polyurethane Aerosol based on a unique blend of Polyurethane Alkyds, offering excellent durability and gloss retention. This product has also been designed to be “Ready for Use”, for the non-aerosol version of this product please see HMG 14 Line Fleet Polyurethane....

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Flag Polyurethane Floor Paint

Flag Polyurethane Floor Paint is based on a high quality chemical resistant resin system with a tough smooth finish. It is suitable for application to most surfaces and will provide a hard wearing, water, petrol and oil resistant finish. Hard wearing with excellent durability - Ideal for factory and garage floors Suitable for interior and...

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