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Quick-drying and with little to no odours, our selection of water-based single-component floor paints are ready to use out of the tin on a wide range of substrates, including wood, steel, concrete and other absorbent mineral surfaces. Some products can even be used over suitably prepared and well-adhered existing polyurethane, epoxy and chlorinated rubber coatings, and can withstand foot, vehicular and mechanical traffic.

A large selection of colours are available from RAL and British Standard for matching existing interior and exterior corporate colour schemes and decor, making our water-based floor coatings ideal for industrial and commercial premises that require a quick-application floor paint with minimal disruption.

Our Technical Support Team are on hand to advise on the best solution for your needs - contact them on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].

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313 Acrylic Floor Paint

313 Acrylic Floor Paint is a quick drying, single pack, water based acrylic floor paint for foot traffic and occasional vehicle use. For use on tarmac, concrete, asphalt, wood, walls, window ledges, bricks or metals Internal or external use Available in 5 colours Touch dry in just 1.5 hours @ 20 °C Low odour This product is for...

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Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint

Blackfriar Professional Acrylic Floor Paint protects and transforms floors inside and out, with an attractive, tough, durable, easy-to-clean thermoplastic coating which prevents the dusting of concrete surfaces. Suitable for asphalt and Tarmac. Quick drying and low odour. Indoor and outdoor use - Water Based - low odour Suitable for...

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Coo-Var Tennis Court & Drive Paint

Coo-Var Tennis Court and Drive Paint is a water thinned coating designed to provide colour on asphalt and tar based tennis courts. Ideal for tarmac drives and paths. Single Pack Special colours avaliable Coverage Calculator More Information

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Bradite Floor-It

Bradite Floor-It, a high-performance ambient crosslinking water-based acrylic floor paint with low odour and non-yellowing, fast-drying formula that is ready for light use in just 16 hours. Ideal for garages, workshops, kitchens, bathrooms, staircases and light industrial traffic. Internal and external use Wood - Steel - Concrete - Other...

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Britannia Marking Paint

Britannia Marking Paint is a water-based acrylic coating for use externally on cycle lanes or pedestrian walkways. It renews and protects driveways, and can provides clear demarcation areas for indoor floors, corridors and offices. Tough and long lasting Slip resistant finish Eco-friendly Equally suitable for tarmac or concrete surfaces...

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Britannia Mini Kids Zone Paint

Britannia Mini Kids Zone Paint is a water based acrylic coating for porous courts. Formulated to give minimum slip on macadam and concrete tennis courts. Rich, deep colours make tennis more enjoyable for youngsters For airless spray application For use on concrete, bitumen and macadam One-pack product More Information **Available...

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Britannia Playground Paint

Britannia Playground Paint is an eco-friendly water-based paint for use on tarmac and concrete playgrounds. Slip resistant properties Bright, stimulating colours further youngsters’ enjoyment of play For indoor or outdoor use Can be brush, roller or spray applied More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery Options below**

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Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint

Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint is a water thinned floor paint. Easy to apply, versatile and fast drying with low odour. Can be used on tarmac as well as concrete, asphalt, wood, walls, window ledges, bricks or metals. Fast drying Interior and exterior use Safe to use over existing coatings Can be used on various different surfaces Low...

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Rust-Oleum 5200 Epoxyshield Ultra

Rust-Oleum 5200 Epoxyshield Ultra is a 5 litre, satin finish, quick-drying single pack water-based floor coating for garage floors, and light to medium duty (normal foot traffic/limited vehicular traffic):  Part of the Epoxyshield range Good resistance to diesel, motor oil, coolant fluid, various household chemicals and most types of tyre...

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Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat

Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat is a very fast-drying multi-purpose single pack floor paint for exterior use for line marking or as an overall floor coating for asphalt and tarmac areas.  Rain-proof and recoatable after just one hour! Can be applied on slightly damp tarmac surfaces Suitable for use on asphalt, concrete, pavement, bitumen, etc....

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Coo-Var Anti-Slip Step and Ramp Paint

Coo-Var Anti-Slip Step & Ramp Paint is used to provide a durable and hard wearing surface with an anti-slip finish. Can be used on concrete, wood, tarmac, stone, brickwork and suitably prepared metal. Independently tested PTV rating of 68 in dry conditions and 58 in wet (UK law recommends on a minimum Pendulum Test Value on floors of...

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Tor Torsan Acrylic Eggshell

This product is temporarily unavailable; in the meantime, our technical team recommend Thermoguard Safewalls Anti-Viral Smoke & Flame Retardant Topcoat as a great alternative - use discount code MAY10 at checkout to save 10%! Please note: it is important to check that any alternative product is suitable for your requirements, as our...

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