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Buy Organowood's wood preservatives, wood treatments, and surface cleaning products at Rawlins Paints. For use with modified timbers, Organwood's silicon-based substances are bound to the fibres in the wood via organic catalysis. These have been developed based on this technology that give the treated wood material both an effective flame and rot protection.

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OrganoWood 03 Cleaner

OrganoWood 03 Cleaner, an environmentally labelled detergent made for cleaning of exterior wooden floors. Fattening, gives extra protection to wood - clean with a cloth or mop High pressure wash not recommended since it may wear the wood Let the floor air-dry without rinsing - Floors may be used again once dry Note: For floors that...

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OrganoWood Protection 01

OrganoWood Protection 01, a water-based, breathable, wood treatment product composed of silicon minerals and natural plant compounds. For surface treatment of absorbing wooden products such as solid wood, particleboard, MDF-board, plywood and Masonite board, protecting treated woods against rot-fungus and giving flame retardant properties....

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OrganoWood Repellent 02

OrganoWood Repellent 02 is a water-based wood treatment product developed to increase the superficial protection of wood against dirt, water and damp. Easily absorbed by untreated wood Composed of a water emulsion including organic silicon polymers and natural growth substances No toxic heavy metals or biocides For superficial treatment...

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