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Rawlins Paints stock a wide range of anti-slip aggregates and decorative paint additives which can be added to our floor paints to provide various effects and textures for enhanced performance or just improved appearance. The most common way of making any floor paint anti-slip is to use an anti-slip additive and either add it the floor paint before application or scatter it on to the first coat and apply a second coat of floor paint to sandwich the aggregate in.

So, whether you are looking to make your garage floor stand out by applying our decorative floor chips, or applying one of Rust-Oleum’s Ultra-Wear paint additives to increase the wear resistance around heavily trafficked areas, Rawlins Paints can help you get the best finish for your floors, every time.

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Sometimes, even anti-slip floor paint needs an extra level of durability and added grit to improve under-foot and under-vehicular skid-resistance. Generally, Coo-Var, Jotun, Rust-Oleum and Sika manufacture compatible anti-slip paint additives to be used with their epoxy, solvent or water-based floor paints.

Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield anti-slip-additive can be added to some of their garage floor paints, to help extend the lifespan of the surface through above normal wear and tear. Applied evenly to a freshly laid floor coating, this highly effective non-skid additive will make lighter work of any cleaning work.

If sprinkled or broadcast paint additives and decorative flakes fall outside of the painted area, it is not advised to paint over them. Applied methods are quite strict for full product benefits to be achieved, and changing application technique from that outlined in product datasheets could mean that a surface is not sufficiently anti-slip, and could risk the topcoat peeling away, as it does not directly adhere to a surface.

There are several degrees of additive coarseness available, from the lightweight 508 Fine Particle Anti-Slip Additive right up to the extra-course aluminium oxide grains in Jotun’s Anti-Skid Aggregate. Each product is recommended for specific use – from pedestrian traffic only, right up to helidecks.

A large volume of Sikafloor products available at Rawlins Paints reference Sika Quartz Sand in their description and datasheets. This light-coloured, kiln dried, graded quartz sand provides a mechanical key for subsequent levelling materials. It can also bulk up screeds and mortars, along with being an anti-slip additive.

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