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Remove moulds, fungi, algae and lichen from your outdoor patio slabs, paving stones, and block paving, with our range of specialist external surface cleaners. Great for removing dirt, grime, and contaminants to restore the appearance of paths, patios, and driveways.

Cleaning is of the utmost importance when looking to apply sealers, compounds, paints, and stains to stone, brick, or concrete. Restoring patios and block paving is much more cost-effective than replacing bricks and stones, but only if they are cleaned properly beforehand.

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Sika Mould Buster

Sika Mould Buster is a powerful, fast acting solution which is effective on most surfaces. It removes algae, mould and green growth without the need for scrubbing or pressure washing. Approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulation 1986 (as amended) for use as directed. HSE No 8376. Also approved for use in Ireland, PCS No. 96329....

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Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner

Sika Brick and Patio Cleaner is a fast acting acid based formula which dissolves mortar and cement stains, ingrained dirt and most paints on mineral surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, paving slabs and earthenware. Can be cleaned up after use with cold water. Features and Benefits Removes mortar, cement, efflorescence, stains and...

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Hydron Mona-Clean Paving Cleaner

Mona-Clean Paving Cleaner is a specially formulated blend of solvents and detergents developed to clean outdoor paving and hard landscape surfaces. Effectively removes all types of soiling, pollution and stains, also removes chewing gum Suitable for use on all types of paving and hard landscaping surfaces, including exterior roofs and...

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Britannia Fungicidal Wash Solution

Britannia Fungicidal Wash Solution is a powerful cleaner for external hard surfaces such as tiled roofs, walls, timber decking, block paving and cladding. Contols and treats fungal and algal growth prior to painting Water-based Can be brush or spray applied Easy, quick and safe to use 5L size temporarily unavailable More Information...

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Cromar AlphaChem Brick & Patio Cleaner

Cromar AlphaChem Brick & Patio Cleaner is for removing mortar stains from brickwork and cleaning patios with immediate and effective results. Premium acid based solution removes oil, grease, moss and lichen from concrete paths, tarmac drives, patio and block paved areas Not recommended for use on Indian Stone paving. More...

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N-Virol Algae & Lichen Killer

N-Virol Algae and Lichen Killer is specifically designed to be active against moulds, fungi, algae and lichen on external and internal hard surfaces. It is highly soluble in water and contains no acids or bleaches which could damage surfaces on which they are applied. Simply applied using a watering can or low-pressure sprayer. Dilute with...

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Flag Asipo Algicidal Treatment

***Click to view special offer: BUY 1 x 5L, GET 2 x 5L FREE*** whilst stocks last Flag Asipo Algicidal Treatment is a clear single pack water-borne algicidal wash/sterilising solution for use as an effective surface biocide. Protects against mould, lichens and algae. Simple to apply - 'Spray and Leave' on external surfaces - No scrubbing...

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Coo-Var Anti-Slip Acrylic Floor Paint - Special Colours

Coo-Var Anti-Slip Acrylic Floor Paint - Special Colours is used to provide a durable and hard wearing surface with an anti-slip finish. This product has been independently tested and has a PTV rating of 68 in dry conditions and 58 in wet. UK law recommends on a minimum Pendulum Test Value on floors of 36 dry, wet or contaminated. Available...

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Coo-Var Suregrip Anti-Slip Floor Paint - Special Colours

Coo-Var Suregrip Anti-Slip Floor Paint - Special Colours is a floor coating for suitably primed concrete, wood, metal and GRP, providing a rough, anti-slip finish when dry. Available in over 2,500+ colours from RAL, BS and NCS subject to a minimum order quantity of 4 x 5L and an extended lead time of 10-14 working days For the range of...

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