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Patio Slab Paints

Breathe new life into existing patio slabs and paving stones with our patio slab paints and coatings, renewing weathered and tired-looking surfaces such as block paving. With so many colours and shades available to purchase in patio paints and stains, you can easily update outdoor areas to match garden furniture, fencing, gates, and more.

Paving stones and patio slabs are exposed to extreme weathering all year round, as well as any mechanical stresses. There's no need spending time riping them out and replace with expensive new stones when you can simply renovate with a new, strong colour from Rawlins Paints. We always recommend using an anti-slip aggregate - should your chosen paint not already contain one - for improved slip-resistance and safety whether in the garden, hotel, pub, restaurant, and many more commercial and industrial settings.

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Coo-Var Suregrip Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Coo-Var Suregrip Anti-Slip Floor Paint is a floor coating for suitably primed concrete, wood, metal and GRP, providing a rough, anti-slip finish when dry. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Provides durability, decoration and protection For foot, light truck and occasional heavy truck use Available in 9 colours Also available in over...

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Bradite Floor Finish

Bradite Floor Finish is a chlorinated rubber floor paint developed for concrete and steel floors. With a multitude of uses, the end result is a tough colourful floor. Advantages Available in more than 350 colours in RAL & BS Abrasion resistant Water, chemical and oil repellent Resists fungal growth Available in RAL and BS colours...

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Tikkurila Patio Paving Stain

Tikkurila Patio Paving Stain is a water-borne paving stain for industrially dyed and uncoloured paving stones such as concrete garden stones and slabs. You can easily and quickly renew the look of old paving stones and slabs with Patio Paving Stain, helping to align and deepen the colour of paving stones. Just 1 or 2 coats are required with...

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Flag Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating (Anti-Slip)

Flag Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating (Anti-Slip) provides excellent protection for high traffic areas. It offers high levels of flexibility for a long lasting durable finish. Contains Dolomite stone to provide anti-slip* properties. For interior and exterior use. Used on Concrete, Stone, Tarmac, Asphalt (suitably aged), Ferrous Metals,...

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Sika Patio Seal

Sika Patio Seal is a solvent free acrylic coating used to seal and protect patios, paths, natural stone, concrete and block paving from the effects of the sunlight, water, oil, petrol and organic growth. The milky solution dries to hard wearing water repellent film which gives a low sheen slip resistant finish which will reduce dirt pickup...

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Coo-Var Anti-Slip Acrylic Floor Paint

Coo-Var Anti-Slip Acrylic Floor Paint is used to provide a durable and hard wearing surface with an anti-slip finish. This product has been independently tested and has a PTV rating of 68 in dry conditions and 58 in wet. UK law recommends on a minimum Pendulum Test Value on floors of 36 dry, wet or contaminated. Also available in over...

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Rust-Oleum 7200 Floorcoat PU

Rust-Oleum 7200 Floorcoat PU is a single pack, polyurethane enhanced floor coating for use inside and out that offers good protection and is very easy to apply. Available in 4,100+ colours, in Gloss and Satin finishes, including RAL, BS or NCS shades (except metallic and fluorescent shades), and can be applied directly on concrete floors,...

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Cromar AlphaChem Brick & Patio Cleaner

Cromar AlphaChem Brick & Patio Cleaner is for removing mortar stains from brickwork and cleaning patios with immediate and effective results. Premium acid based solution removes oil, grease, moss and lichen from concrete paths, tarmac drives, patio and block paved areas Not recommended for use on Indian Stone paving. More...

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Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat

Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat is a very fast-drying multi-purpose single pack floor paint for exterior use for line marking or as an overall floor coating for asphalt and tarmac areas.  Rain-proof and recoatable after just one hour! Can be applied on slightly damp tarmac surfaces Suitable for use on asphalt, concrete, pavement, bitumen, etc....

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Bradite Floor-It

Bradite Floor-It, a high-performance ambient crosslinking water-based acrylic floor paint with low odour and non-yellowing, fast-drying formula that is ready for light use in just 16 hours. Ideal for garages, workshops, kitchens, bathrooms, staircases and light industrial traffic. Internal and external use Wood - Steel - Concrete - Other...

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Cromar AlphaChem Block & Paving Sealer

Cromar AlphaChem Block & Paving Sealer is an effective protection of block pavers and masonry. Durable penetrative sealer provides protection against water and air borne pollutants. For a wide variety of materials including concrete, screeds, brickwork, masonry and fibrous sheet materials More Information **Available for...

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Britannia Block Paving Sealer

Britannia Block Paving Sealer is a solvent-based acrylic clear sealer and joint stabiliser which protects and decorates new or old concrete, block paving or recently cleaned paving. Repels water, dirt and oils Ready to use Long lasting acrylic-based formula Enhances appearance Protects surfaces More Information **Available for...

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