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Pipe Fire Protection

Unprotected pipes can spread fire and smoke through a building, rendering fire barriers ineffective. Sealing pipes with collars, wraps and sleeves keeps fire and smoke contained for longer, allowing extra time for evacuation, saving lives and preventing further costly damage to homes and businesses.

Fitted to plastic pipes, intumescent pipe collars, wraps and sleeves crush the pipe, filling the space through expansion to stop flames, smoke and toxic fumes from spreading. Metal pipes are cooled, transferring heat away from the fire barrier.

At Rawlins Paints you will find a complete range of products for pipe fire protection that are effective and easy to fix into place, speeding up fire stopping projects in new builds or retro-fitting.

Fire protection doesn’t have to be hard work, let our technical staff help you get the level of protection you require and the finish you want. If there is a product you cannot find, please contact our Technical and Sales Support Team on 0113 245 5450.

For clarification on minimum requirements before buying one of our fire-stopping products, please review the information provided in the 'DATASHEETS' tab on the product in question. A written specification should be obtained from our Technical Department for your project prior to use to ensure the product will be suitable.

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Nullifire FP302 Intustrap/Band

Nullifire (Firetherm) FP302 Intustrap/Band - Intumescent pipe wraps for sealing off combustible pipes during a fire to prevent the spread of smoke and flames. Easy to fit Available in rolls and strips Pre-configured pack for proprietary pipe sizes For metal and plastic pipes Expands when attacked by fire Fully tested for up to 240...

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SikaSeal-629 Fire Wrap Intumescent Roll Strip

SikaSeal-629 Fire Wrap, a fire resistant pipe wrap on a roll for interior and exterior penetration sealing applications, designed to provide a high volume expansion and pressure seal during a fire to combustible pipes that pass through floor and wall service openings. Part of the Sika Passive Fire Protection range Restores the fire...

Price £139.44
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Nullifire FP170 Intucollar Intumescent Pipe Collars

Some sizes are temporarily unavailable; if the size you require is unavailable in this product please see SikaSeal-627 Fire Collar as a great alternative. Nullifire (Firetherm) FP170 Intucollar Intumescent Pipe Collars seal off plastic, metal and insulated pipes as they pass through fire barriers, crushing weakened pipes in a fire and helping...

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Protecta FR Pipe Wrap

Protecta FR Pipe Wrap maintains fire resistance of fire-separating drywalls, masonry or concrete walls and concrete floors up to 240 minutes when these are breached by services such as plastic pipes, conduits or metal pipes with continuous combustible insulation. Intumescent wraps simply fit around services, reacting in heat and expanding...

Price £30.00
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Nullifire FI025 Intuflex Wrap

Nullifire (Firetherm) FI025 Intuflex Wrap, an insulated pipe and cable wrap for preventing heat exchange in pipes and cable trays through fire barriers, walls and floors. For steel pipes, cable trays, cable ladders, cable baskets, steel trunking and movement sleeves Can be cut for better accommodation, if required More Information...

Price £199.14
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Astroflame X Series CE Intumescent Pipe Collars

Astroflame X Series CE Intumescent Pipe Collars is used around combustible pipes to form a penetration seal used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions, where they have been provided with apertures for the penetration of combustible pipe services. The collars include an intumescent component incorporated...

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Promat Promaseal Intu Collar

Promat Promaseal Intu Collars are used to seal plastic and insulated metal pipe penetrations installed in a wide variety of substrates including flexible and rigid walls, rigid floors and in the Promaseal Fire Barrier system. Supplied pre-assembled, available in variety of sizes 55 - 160mm Tested on angled pipes Can be fixed directly to...

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Nullifire Intusleeve PVC Duct Closer

Nullifire (Firetherm) Intusleeve PVC Duct Closer, fire protection for plastic air ducts passing through fire compartment walls and fire barriers. Length of sleeve is relative to the width of the wall and the seal - this should be specified when placing an order. Intumescent-lined, crushing heat-softened ducts. Can be retrofit to existing...

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Norseal Pyroplex Pipe Collars

Pyroplex Pipe Collars, specifically designed to re-instate the fire resistance of a wall or floor which has been penetrated by plastic flammable pipes used in soil, waste and drainage services. They will seal closed flammable pipes from 55mm to 160mm diameter and can be face fixed to a wall or ceiling structure. Prevents the passage of fire...

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Tenmat FF109 Vent Duct Fire Sleeves Low Profile

TENMAT’s FIREFLY 109+ Vent Duct Fire Sleeve LPs (Low Profile) provide up to 120 minutes’ fire resistance for all common PVC ventilation ducts. The low profile design allows tight fitting against the ceiling soffit without the need to remove the top edge.  Up to 120 minutes Fire Rated Tested in Internal & External Walls CE Marked Low...

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Protecta FR Pipe Collars

Protecta FR Pipe Collars maintain the fire resistance of fire rated walls and floors, where breached by service penetrations, for up to 240 minutes. High end fast expanding patented graphite material Classified for fire sealing all types of constructions - drywalls, masonry & concrete walls, concrete & composite floors, & solid...

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Protecta FR Service Transit

Protecta FR Service Transit, intumescent pipe & cable sleeves that help maintain fire resistance of walls & floors breached by continuous cables, conduits & plastic pipes, providing fire protection integrity & insulation for up to 240 minutes. Safe, easy & quick to fire stop service penetrations - ideal for retrofitting...

Price £61.65
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