Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 400

Macropoxy 400 (formerly known as Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy C400V3) multi-functional epoxy zinc phosphate coating is suitable for the protection of steelwork in a range of exposure environments from C1 to C5. It was recently used on The Shard (London) for corrosion protection. Recommended Uses Buildings Car parks Petrochemical plants...

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Sherwin-Williams Acrolon C137V2

Sherwin-Williams Acrolon C137V2 (formerly Resistex C137V2) is a high performance, fast drying acrylic urethane gloss finish for use where long term exterior gloss and colour retention characteristics are required. Acrolon C137V2 is suitable for use as a final coat(s) in conjunction with epoxy or polyurethane based protective systems for new...

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Thermoguard Thermocoat W

Thermoguard Thermocoat W is a White Intumescent Paint for steel, structural steel and cast iron:  Up to 90 minutes’ fire resistance Can be overcoated with compatible decorative topcoat Water-based Low odour Environmentally friendly Cost effective for large projects Certificate of supply available on request Can be applied by brush,...

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Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Gloss (Water Based)

Zinsser AllCoat Exterior Gloss (Water Based) is an ultimate performance all surface paint. Designed for the long-term decoration of timber, metal, masonry, plastic (UPVC), concrete, cladding and more, it forms a vapour-permeable, low maintenance water-shedding coating, re-coatable in 1 hour. Cracking, blistering and flaking resistant...

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PPG Protective and Marine Coatings offer a range of high quality coatings for many different environments. Not only does PPG create products that meet the relevant local and international standards, they prepare for the future by undertaking detailed research so they know the problems customers face; now and in the future.

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PPG Amercoat 385

PPG Amercoat 385 is a two-component polyamide cured epoxy coating with wide application in industrial, marine, infrastructure, rail and other tough environments. Multi-purpose high build epoxy High solids intermediate coat Compatabile with a wide range of substrates and surface preparations Excellent resistance against chemical spillage...

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PPG Anti Skid Powder

PPG Anti Skid Powder, a fine aggregate for use with primarily with Nu-Klad Aqua or Nu-Klad Basic Floor Coatings to help improve grip.

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PPG AquaCover 20

PPG AquaCover 20 (also known as Sigma Aquacover 20) is a one-component waterborne, high-build zinc phosphate primer/coating, based on acrylic dispersion. It can be overcoated with most waterborne acrylics, solvent-borne epoxy coatings and alkyd paints, as well as certain solvent-borne, two-component products. Useful for when solvents are...

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PPG AquaCover 200

PPG AquaCover 200 is a two-component, polyamine-cured, waterborne epoxy primer. General-purpose epoxy primer in protective coating systems for steel structures in atmospheric exposure. Particularly suitable when solvents are not permitted because of health and safety reasons. Excellent rust preventing properties in industrial or coastal...

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PPG AquaCover 40

PPG AquaCover 40 (also known as Sigma Aquacover 40) is a one-component, waterborne acrylic dispersion finish with good weather resistance and excellent adhesion to primed steel. 350+ colour options incluing RAL and BS shades Particularly suitable when solvents are not permitted because of health and safety reasons Good weather resistance...

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PPG AquaCover 400

PPG AquaCover 400 (also known as Sigma Aquacover 400) is a two-component, polyamine-cured, waterborne epoxy coating for steel structures in atmospheric exposure, touch dry in 90 minutes. Also suitable for concrete floors. Particularly suitable when solvents are not permitted because of health and safety reasons Free from lead- and...

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PPG AquaCover 45

PPG AquaCover 45 (also known as Sigma Aquacover 45) is a one-component, waterborne acrylic dispersion finish for interior accommodation, machinery spaces and superstructures. Fast-drying and recoatable Good weather resistance 500+ colour options, including RAL and BS shades Coverage Calculator

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PPG AquaCover 80

PPG AquaCover 80 is a fast-drying, waterborne, high-build acrylic coating for steel. Single coat application Excellent adhesion to various types of old- or weathered paints Excellent elongation (flexible) Can be overcoated with dispersion paints Reduced explosion risk and fire hazard Click to jump down to Technical Data

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PPG AquaWeld 100

PPG AquaWeld 100 (also known as Sigma AquaWeld 100) is a two-component, moisture-curing, waterborne low zinc (ethyl) silicate prefabrication primer that is suitable for automatic application on shot-blasted steel plates. Certified by Lloyds Register and SLV Low fume release during welding and cutting Provides regular, smooth weld seams...

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PPG Dimetcote 9

PPG Dimetcote 9 (also known as Sigmazinc 9), is a two-component, moisture-curing zinc (ethyl) silicate coating for structural steel that can withstand substrate temperatures from –90°C (–130°F) up to 400°C (750°F), with good resistance to impact and abrasion. Anti-corrosive primer for structural steel. Specified for structural joints...

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PPG Epok Tread 9020 Tile Bedding Compound

PPG Epok Tread 9020 Tile Bedding Compound, for use with Epok Tread 9020 Tiles to provide grip on on minimally prepared surfaces such as steel, aluminium and concrete substrates. Provides a cost-effective anti-skid floor and deck system with superior wear properties and high-performance corrosion protection, tolerant to damp and degraded...

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PPG supply industries with protective paint coatings in a variety of market sectors throughout the world, spanning a diverse range of uses, including structural steel and chemical industries.

The market sectors that PPG cover include:

Airports | Bridges | Recreational | Water/Wastewater facilities | Commercial buildings

New-build | Dry Dock | Inland Marine | Sea Stock | Offshore | Cargo Hold | Water Ballast Tank | Antifouling/Fouling Release

Transportation Equipment | Structural Steel | Under Insulation | Process Equipment | Pipes | Pipework | Floors and Walkways

Oil, Gas and Chemical
Structural Steel | Storage facilities | Process Equipment | Pipelines | Passive Fire Protection

Power Generation | Fossil | Nuclear | Hydroelectric | Wind | Power Transmission and Distribution

Rail Cars | Rail Terminals and Support Infrastructure | Rail Tunnels | Tank Linings | Hopper Car Linings