Aerosol primers and undercoats are available at Rawlins Paints to provide the perfect start to any project - adhesion primers to help topcoats stick to any surface, rust preventing primers to stop or convert rusty metal, and stain block primers to hold back stubborn stains. Primers and undercoats should not be overlooked on maintenance, refurbishment or repair projects, and especially not with aerosols, where overall film builds are much lower than with a normal brush or roller applied primer for metal. Using the correct primer or undercoat can mean improved performance of the whole coating system, where its full potential can be achieved.

Typically, primers and undercoats are best suited for mid coats and finishing coats by the same manufacturer – although there are instances where an aerosol stain-blocker from one manufacturer would be suitable for use under a finishing coat by another. Please contact Rawlins Paints if you require further support with product range compatibility.

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The flexibility and ease with which aerosols can be transported, stored and applied, may be preferable to many maintenance team personnel over brush or roller applied paints and primers. For users who swear by Zinsser B-I-N or Cover Stain, there are aerosol variants for quick and straightforward application to small surface areas. These excellent problem-solving products are the go-to solution for many caretakers, maintenance managers, or property inspectors. Allowing for quick refurbishment and renovation of small surface areas, add these products to your shopping basket and tools-to-hand, right now.

A popular use of aerosol primers and undercoats are to treat rust. From gates to fences, and industrial components to processing equipment, aerosol rust reformers and anti-rust primers can quickly treat surface rust on difficult to reach areas. The flexibility these products offer matches their cost-effective and time-saving method of application.

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