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Our repairing primers and additives come courtesy of Remmers and Sika. There are bond promoters, rust inhibitors, binders, corrosion protection, salt inhibitors, strengtheners, modifiers, special fillers and quartz! All intended to strengthen and reinforce the attributes of your systems. If you have a project that needs a specific requirement in abundance, then an additive can assure you that. 

When choosing a primer, be sure to check the Product Data Sheet of both the primer and the system you plan to use after. Most products are very specific about which primer should be used in conjunction and the wrong choice of primer can result in chemicals being mixed that are not best suited. Usually a manufacturer will suggest their own primer, but this is with good reason as the two will have been designed with each other in mind. 

If you are unsure at all which product would suit your needs best, please give our Technical Support Team a call on 0113 245 5450, email us on [email protected] or get in touch on one of our social media outlets where our web team will help as best as they can. 

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Remmers PC Primer 2K (Bonding Layer EP 2K)

Remmers PC Primer 2K (formerly Bonding Layer EP 2K) is a solvent free, epoxy resin binder with pronounced adhesion promoting properties for the production of bonding layers indoors and outdoors when repairing concrete. Adhesion promoter Solvent-free Unpigmented Liquid Two-component

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Remmers S-Protect M (Rust Inhibitor M)

Remmers S-Protect M (formerly Rust Inhibitor M) is an additive for the production of a durable corrosion inhibiting coating made with Betofix RM or Betofix R2. For use indoors and outdoors Active anti-rust pigments Highly water-repellent Alkali-resistant

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Remmers Betofix HB

Remmers Betofix HB is a mineral-based bonding layer, factory-mixed, dry mortar with hydraulic binders and mineral aggregates. Polymer modified bonding grout that is used as a layer that is ready to use after mixing with water and sets hydraulically Good adhesive strength on dense substrates Water resistant, also in permanently wet...

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Remmers PC-S Protect 2K (Rust Inhibitor EP 2 K)

Remmers PC-S Protect 2K (formerly Rust Inhibitor EP 2K) is used as a long term corrosion protection coating for reinforcement steel that has been de-rusted by sandblasting or mechanical cleaning and other steel elements in concrete restoration. Resistant to condensation, chloride and sulphate ions Excellent adhesion capacity Low solvent...

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Remmers Primer F (Deep Primer W)

Remmers Primer F (formerly Deep Primer W) is a water based primer. It stabilises the substrate and evens differing absorption behaviour. The surface of the substrate is strengthened which increases its load-bearing capacity. For wall and floor areas Used for strengthening and priming mineral substrates on a gypsum or cement base As a primer for levelling...

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Remmers Salt IH (Salt Inhibitor)

Remmers Salt IH (previously Salt Inhibitor) is a restoration preparation for encapsulating masonry salts. The main field of application is for the restoration of masonry work that contains damaging salts - chlorides, nitrates and sulphates.  Penetrates into the surface of treated building materials. Creates a water repelling zone that...

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Remmers AddMix 01

Remmers AddMix 01 is an additive for solvent-free synthetic resin mortars. Increases compressive strength Increases fexural strength Decreases pore volume  Makes compressing and smoothing easier Image already added

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Remmers ZM HF (Basic) (Haftfest)

Remmers ZM HF (Basic) (Haftfest) Mortar improver based on an aqueous polymer dispersion. Used to produce adhesive grouts, adhesive mortars, patch and repair mortars. Improves adhesive bonding Increases compressive strength Increases flexural strength Saponification resistant This product is subject to a 7-10 day lead time. Image...

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Remmers Selectmix RMS

Remmers Selectmix RMS is a special combination of fire-dried quartz sand mixture used for the production of mortars and screed mixes in combination with Remmers epoxy resins. Kiln-dried quartz sand mixture Optimised grading curve for the production of mortars and screeds Achievement of high strengths Can be smoothed by machine For...

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Sika Primer 3N

Sika Primer 3N is a universal, one component, solvent primer based on epoxy-polyurethane which should be used on porous substrates prior to the application of Sikabond Adhesives. Features and Benefits: Universal Primer Evaporates quickly Easy to apply Coverage Calculator More Information

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Sika MaxMix Cement Colour

Sika MaxMix Cement Colour is a concentrated one shot cement colourant that provides a permanent colour to all types of mortars, rendering, concrete and pointing. The liquid disperses evenly through the mix, to give a uniform shade for each mix batch. Shading can be adjusted to give a wide variety of colour depths. CE marked under EN12878....

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SikaTop Armatec 110 EpoCem

SikaTop Armatec 110 EpoCem is a bonding primer and reinforcement corrosion protection. It is a cementitious, epoxy resin compensated three component coating material with corrosion inhibitor, used as bonding primer and reinforcement corrosion protection. Features and Benefits:  Contains EpoCem technology - improved bonding agent Extended...

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