New to Rawlins Paints in 2017 is Smartkote's Protectakote anti-slip industrial floor coatings range, including UV and weather-protection variants for optimum interior and exterior use. To improve adhesion on metal, glass, fibreglass and tiles, there are etch primers and sealers available, along with specialised accelerators to quicken the drying time of floor coatings in low temperature conditions and facilities.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 14 results

Smartkote’s specialist range of high-performance anti-slip primers and topcoats, Protectakote, is now available at Rawlins Paints. Designed to be ultra-durable for hard-working vehicular and industrial surfaces, Protectakote paints and coatings are single pack products, which are ready to use – providing a thicker coating than many other anti-slip paints available in the UK. If you require product support on any anti-slip paint, including the Protectakote range from Smartkote, please contact our technical support team.

Promoted as the keystone product range from Smartkote, Protectakote paints are ideal for quick and fuss-free preparation and topcoating of walkways, steps, ramps and more. Available in a range of finishes and colours, these coatings are flexible at low temperatures – meaning that they won’t crack or peel - providing high-tensile strength and high abrasion resistance. Further protection is provided against rust and chemical corrosion from petrol, diesel, acid and other chemicals – please refer to product datasheets for further details of each product’s chemical resistance.

About Smartkote and Zest Polyurethanes

Smartkote products are manufactured in South Africa by Zest Polyurethanes, a member of Duram (Pty) Ltd.

Duram is one of South Africa’s leading specialist paint manufacturing companies, delivering high-performance products for a wide range of requirements. These include waterproofing, metal, flooring and decorative paints and protective coatings. Duram’s “smart paints” are designed to protect and improve the appearance of property and assets.

Smartkote’s range of anti-slip paints focus on the industrial, marine, aviation and automotive sectors, with leading products including Protectakote, Safekote and Marinekote being used across aviation, polar exploration, industrial, commercial and construction industries.

Protectakote Anti-Slip Coatings

Available to buy today at Rawlins Paints, Smartkote Protectakote is a polyurethane enhanced anti-slip coating for interior floors and access areas – including walkways, stair and ramps. Its tough, anti-slip texture is flexible, durable and long-lasting in busy industrial workplaces, where vehicular activity requires a course coating. Please note that additional Accelerators are available from Smartkote for the Protectakote range to increase the rate at which the product cures at low temperatures or humidity – in, for example, cold storage areas of food processing plants or pharmaceutical facilities.

Although it can be used internally, Smartkote’s Protectakote UVR is a single-component, tough, anti-slip aliphatic polyurethane coating which delivers colourfast, abrasion and water/UV-resistant protection. Available in more colours than Smartkote Protectakote, its range includes high-visibility marking colours for helicopter pads on offshore-platforms, hospital rooftops and military properties.

For non-porous and difficult substrates for topcoats to adhere to, like marble, glazed tiles, glass, aluminium and other metals, Smartkote Protectakote’s Clear Primer Treatment is available to prepare the surface prior to applying any of Smartkote’s polyurethane coatings. This clear treatment is ideally suited to match clear anti-slip topcoats, where no visual change or discolouration of the substrate is required.

Marine, industrial maintenance or new installations on interior/exterior surfaces may benefit more from Smartkote’ Protectakote UVR Smooth. A tough, aliphatic polyurethane coating like its more course counterpart, that delivers improved chemical resistance and anti-rusting properties, UVR Smooth can be used to improve protection on metals, concrete, wood, fibreglass, PVC and rubber in external or internal environments. By adding a UVR Accelerator, its drying time can be accelerated for quicker time constraints on maintenance projects. Suitable for extreme environments, please check the product datasheet for recommended application solutions within the industrial, offshore and marine sectors.

Duram Floor Primers and Sealers

Furthering their industrial sector reputation with high-performance floor and anti-slip coatings, Duram, along with the Smartkote product range, has two excellent floor preparation products:

Duram NS5 Metcote Etch Primer is a high adhesion, solvent based metal primer with excellent etching qualities to deliver improved topcoat adhesion. It is heat resistance up to 220°C, and can be recoated within 2 hours.

Duram Duraprime is a twin-pack, water-based epoxy primer used to treat and seal concrete and screed surfaces for later waterproofing. Suitable for use on damp surfaces, it is easy to apply, without employing specialised equipment.

Additional Product Support

Please contact Rawlins Paints, or refer to each products’ datasheet, for additional information, preparation and application guidance, as well as recommended substrate suitability. Our technical support team are on hand to recommend product combinations that ensure floor substrates and surfaces are sufficiently cleaned, etched, primed, sealed, prior to the use of any waterproofing or anti-slip topcoats from Smartkote.

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