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Bradite Fastrac GP Anti-Corrosive Primer

Bradite Fastrac GP Anti-Corrosive Primer is a fast drying modified alkyd anti-corrosive primer for use as a general-use fast drying prefabrication or system primer on properly prepared ferrous surfaces. Manufactured under the auspices of an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Advantages Protects against corrosion on properly prepared steel...

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Carboline Carbocoat 115

A fast-drying steel primer that provides corrosion protection on structural steel. Well suited for fabrication shops that need fast cure to dry and handle times. Rapid cure and fast-drying VOC compliant for most areas Good for filling properties on rough and pitted steel Coverage Calculator More Information **Available for delivery...

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Carboline Carbocrylic 3358 IMC

Carboline Carbocrylic 3358 IMC is an intermediate coat on steel or concrete in a three coat system, and can be topcoated with several generic types of topcoats. Excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility with good chemical resistance. Single component Fast drying Low VOC Eggshell finish Coverage Calculator More Information...

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Carboline Carbomastic 615

Carboline Carbomastic 615 is a two-component, high performance epoxy that has excellent resistance to fresh and salt water exposures. This coating exhibits outstanding moisture and surface tolerance during application, low temperature cure capability, and very fast cure response for quick return to service.  Suitable for immersion service...

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Carboline Phenoline 311 Primer

Carboline Phenoline 311 Primer is a two-component, tank lining holding primer that has a variety of attributes including low-temperature cure, fast recoat times, moisture tolerance during application and cure, and excellent blast-hold protection. Often used with thick film lining systems as a holding primer (maintain blast cleaning) and is...

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Cromadex 2100 One Pack Universal Primer

Cromadex 2100 One Pack Universal Primer is a one pack primer containing zinc phosphate giving added corrosion resistance for greater durability. It is fast drying helping to improve productivity. It can be air dried or stoved giving flexibility in production. Available in white, grey, red oxide and buff as standard, it can also be tinted to...

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Hydron Nu-Flame HB Metal Primer

Nu-Flame High Build Metal Primer is a high build quick drying corrosion resistant metal primer for structural steel and cast iron. Suitable for application in Steel Fabricators shops or on site. Will protect exposed structural steel during construction and protect internal steelwork Compatible with Nu-Flame and most other intumescent paint...

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Hydron Nu-Steel QD Primer/Undercoat

Nu-Steel QD Primer / Undercoat is a high performance phosphate primer and undercoat. Base coat for Hydron Nu-Steel QD Finish, provides first class adhesion to properly prepared surfaces Quick drying - ideal for application to steelwork requiring a fast return to public use More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery...

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International Intercure 200HS

A fast drying reputation isn`t all International Intercure 200HS is renowned for. Complete with MIO, this fast cure anti-corrosive primer/intermediate with added barrier protection, can improve your productivity and lower your solvent emissions. Primer and intermediate in just one coat Rapid recoat times Low temperature cure, cures down...

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International Intercure 324

International Intercure 324 is a two component, high solids, low VOC, epoxy zinc phosphate/micaceous iron oxide primer. Excellent barrier protection Low temperature cure and Rapid overcoating properties Pigmented with zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigment to comply with the requirements of BS5493:1977 Coverage Calculator More...

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International Intercure 420

International Intercure 420 is a two component, high solids, low VOC epoxy micaceous iron oxide coating formulated on proprietary polymer technology which provides rapid cure and overcoating even under low temperature conditions. Excellent barrier protection as part of a high performance system Suitable for use in aggressive environments...

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International Intergard 251

International Intergard 251 is a two component epoxy anti-corrosive primer pigmented with zinc phosphate for use on properly prepared surfaces in both new construction situations and as an industrial maintenance primer for a wide range of anti-corrosive coatings systems. Coverage Calculator More Information **Available for delivery - see...

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