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With over 140 years of experience within the industrial and specialist paint sector, Rawlins Paints are leading distributors of bulk quantities of fire retardant and intumescent paints. Contact us for advice on any product we have available online:

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100 Rapid Drying Thinner

A specially formulated blend of solvents designed to mix with its compatible paint/coating to create an optimal consistancy for application whether it be for Brush, Roller or Spray. 100 Rapid Drying Thinner can also be used for the cleaning of some surfaces prior to application of the coating and/or cleaning of the application tools such as...

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108 HD Cleaner & Degreaser

108 HD Cleaner & Degreaser is a heavy duty general purpose hard surface cleaner, containing surfactants and ecological solvents that have been activated for ultimate performance. Contains NO caustic soda, making it better for the environment and the user.

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109 Tool Cleaner

A specially formulated blend of solvents designed to mix with its compatible paint/coating to create an optimal consistancy for application whether it be for Brush, Roller or Spray. 109 Tool Cleaner can also be used for the cleaning of some surfaces prior to application of the coating and/or cleaning of the application tools such as Brushes,...

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11" Notched Trowel

Our 11" Notched Trowels are manufactured to a high standard from spring steel, featuring a banana shaped handle with riveted blade - single hang. The blade Size is 280x115mm (11 x 4.5 inch) with a v shaped serated notch size of 5mm. Ideal for evenly spreading mortars, screeds and high build coatings prior to finishing.

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11" Steel Float

Our 11" Steel Float is made from riveted alloy stainless steel with a wooden handle, ideal for applying repair mortars and screeds.

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12" Floor Roller Complete

Our 12" Floor Roller Complete is a professional standard roller set up for application of most floor paints and coatings. This quick and easy combination means application can be carried out seamlessly to a professional finish.

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1507 HB Roller

1507 HB Roller is manufactured from a polyurethane foam with a solid core, these sleeves should be used to produce an even textured effect when using 1501 HB Textured Basecoat.

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1802 Surface Tolerant Epoxy Primer

Offers excellent substrate ‘wetting’ properties making it suitable for hand prepared steel as well as blast cleaned steel. Provides good chemical and solvent resistance, with high film builds achievable in just one coat.

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1803 HB Epoxy Intermediate/Finish

A high solids, epoxy intermediate/finish coat, providing exceptionally high film builds (up to 200 microns DFT per coat), enabling maximum performance in a minimum number of coats. Can be used year round due to its ability to cure down to temperatures as low as 2°C.

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1804 High Build Polyurethane Finish

Provides an extremely tough, durable finish combining good anti-abrasion properties with exceptional weathering characteristics. Leaves an easily cleanable finish with excellent colour retention and UV resistance.

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1805 High Build Vinyl Finish

A quick drying, vinyl acrylic, anti-corrosive, primer-finish formulated for direct application to degreased galvanised steelwork without the need for a primer. 

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Rawlins Paints are one of the UK’s leading industrial paint suppliers, offering one of the widest ranges of specialist paints and coatings available. Established in 1873, we have over 140 years of experience in advising and supplying paint to the trade. As a family run business, we value every customer and their needs, and pride ourselves on being able to offer friendly, expert advice to every customer no matter their business size or spend. We stock thousands of Fire Retardant Paints, Floor Paints, Cladding Paints, Roof Paints and more.

Over the years we've gained a lot of real world experience with the products we supply and in turn this has enabled us to get an excellent understanding of what type of products and technology works well in different environments and applications. This is why we decided to launch an own brand range of products in 2014 to consolidate our knowledge into a range of own brand products that we felt offered the best performance for it's function. By doing this we have been able to provide our customers with some of the best performing products on the market at even more competetive prices.

Rawlins Paints - Industrial Paint Specialists

Why Rawlins?
We’re confident you’ll enjoy trading with us, here’s why:

  • We go the Extra Mile - We can arrange to visit site and produce a tailored specification for your project for free.
  • We're Honest - We provide unbiased advice and only sell products we are prepared to stand by.
  • We're Experts - We offer the one of the widest range of high performance paints and coatings available.
  • Our Price Promise means that you can be sure you're getting our best price and service.
  • Our technical team offer straight forward, practical advice from 140 years of dependable experience.
  • We're Quick! - Next day nationwide delivery, even to site if preferred.
  • We Understand Time is Money - We promise to provide a solution to your enquiry the same day, because we understand the importance of a quick turnaround.

Our dedicated team of experts can help the trade professional win more business and deliver better solutions to their clients. They are here to help you throughout the entire course of your project: from assisting with tenders, specifications and quotes; to offering on-the-job advice.

Not only that, all of our experts come from a background of applying professional coatings; that means that they understand the practical benefits of the products they advise you on, not just the theory behind them.

  • Bids and tenders
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From start to finish, we’ve got it covered.

Our help and advice promise:
We believe our products should be sold with a service, not just bought. That’s why we want you to take advantage of our years of knowledge and experience to help you with your projects. Before, during and after your job is complete we’re here for you, to turn to for expert advice – we’ll never leave you on your own.