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Remmers are an industrial coatings company, synonymous with quality, who have been one of the leading manufacturers of building and wood finishing products for over 60 years. Their specialist building, repair and construction products cover a wide range of fields applicable to Rawlins Paints’ customer base:

  • Facade Restoration
  • Waterproofing & Damp Proofing
  • Flooring
  • Heritage
  • Concrete Protection and Repairs
  • Joint Sealants
  • Insulation
  • Tanking Products
  • Cleaning
  • Stone & Masonry Restoration
  • Specialist Renders

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PC Primer 2K (Bonding Layer EP 2K)

Remmers PC Primer 2K (formerly Bonding Layer EP 2K) is a solvent free, epoxy resin binder with pronounced adhesion promoting properties for the production of bonding layers indoors and outdoors when repairing concrete. Adhesion promoter Solvent-free Unpigmented Liquid Two-component Shipping Options (Select at Checkout):...

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Remmers Color LA (Silicone Resin Paint LA)

Remmers Color LA (formerly Silicone Paint LA) is a pigmented silicone resin emulsion paint coating containing a film preservative to protect surfaces at risk of infestation with algae or fungi. Water repellent w ≤ 0.1 kg/(m² h) 0.5 Highly water vapour diffusion capable sd ≤ 0.05 m Does not inhibit carbonation Low-stress Matt, mineral...

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Remmers Color SH (Silicate Paint D)

Remmers Color SH (formerly Silicate Paint D) is a single component, dispersion-silicate paint that can be used as an opaque grout coating on all types of uncoated, air dry render such as lime-cement and cement render, concrete and sand-lime brick fairfaced masonry, concrete and fibrated cement.  Quartz-like surface texture Excellent...

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Remmers MB 2K (Multi Tight 2K)

Remmers MB 2K (formerly Multi-Tight 2K) is a flexible, polymer thick coating which combines the properties of flexible and crack-bridging mineral waterproofing grouts (MWG) and bitumen-thick coatings (PMBC). Used for rapid waterproofing of building elements as Can also be used on: containers Tanks Reservoirs Indoor and outdoor use...

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Remmers PBD 2K (Profi Tight 2K)

Remmers PBD 2K (formerly Profi Tight 2K) is a two-component, solvent-free, polymer-modified thick bitumen coating with rubber granulate filler. Used to waterproof areas with ground contact against ground damp and non-standing seepage water Effective against moisture on ceiling surfaces and in wet rooms Efeective against standing seepage...

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Remmers Primer Hydro S F (Silicate Strengthener)

Remmers Primer Hydro S F (formerly Silicate Strengthener) is an alkaline, cementitious strengthener, this product forms a silicate gel. It reacts immediately with cement or cement mixtures as a rapid binder. Strengthens Silicifies the substrate Aqueous Alkali-resistant Mineral-based For water repelling version of this product please...

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Remmers Primer Hydro S HF (Silicate Primer D)

Remmers Primer Hydro S HF (formerly Silicate Primer D) is an aqueous solution of hydrophobizing silicic acid compounds that is used as a water repelling primer and for slightly strengthening the surface of porous, light-coloured, cementitious building materials. Equalises absorption capacity Strengthens Silicifies the substrate...

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Remmers RM

Remmers RM (formerly Restoration Mortar) is used for restoring, supplementing and re-profiling mineral substrates such as natural stone, brick, concrete and synthetic stone. Low free alkali content Good flank adhesion Low inherent stress UV-resistant pigments Can be made hydrophobic Image already added

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Remmers Salt IH (Salt Inhibitor)

Remmers Salt IH (previously Salt Inhibitor) is a restoration preparation for encapsulating masonry salts. The main field of application is for the restoration of masonry work that contains damaging salts - chlorides, nitrates and sulphates.  Penetrates into the surface of treated building materials. Creates a water repelling zone that...

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Remmers SP Levell (Undercoat Render)

Remmers SP Levell (formerly Undercoat Render) is a low alkali, levelling and pore undercoat render for restoring old buildings and masonry work, especially render bases with salt loads. Easy to apply and finish in one coat from 10 to 40mm thick Can be applied by machine Highly stable Fibre reinforced Highly water vapour permeable...

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Remmers SP Top SR (Universal Restoration Render)

Remmers SP Top SR (formerly Universal Restoration Render) is a fibre based WTA-compliant restoration render for repair, renovation and restoration of damp and salt-loaded masonry with especially high sulphate resistance.  Can be used on all mineral substrates appropriate for the application of render, e.g. masonry brick, sand-lime brick,...

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Remmers ACC H

Remmers ACC H (Accelerator PH) is a solvent-free, amine accelerator for Remmers Epoxy Flex PH and Remmers Epoxy ST 100. Through the addition of Remmers ACC H the drying times and curing rates of Remmers Epoxy Flex PH and Remmers Epoxy ST 100 can be reduced.

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So, from the cellar to the roof, Remmers’ 400+ paints and coatings – many of which are available to buy here today at Rawlins Paints – set the standard for coating technology and quality on the UK and European market.

Concrete and Heritage Building Protective Products

With an extensive product range designed for architects and specifiers, Remmers’ focus is on the protection of buildings, their restoration and conservation – and the protection of value. This also meets with the company’s stance on the production of environmentally friendly products:

  • Responsible use of non-polluting raw materials
  • Anti-pollution production e.g. utilising power and water efficient methods, and reduction of waste
  • Achievement beyond environmental legal requirements
  • Priority given to the development of non-polluting products
  • Acknowledged by several environmental organisations in Germany
  • Over 200 national and international test certificates confirming the long-term reliability of products
  • Progressive research and development producing constant product care and innovations

Low-Maintenance, Professional Coatings for Industrial Specialist Requirements

Remmers’ paints, coatings and repair products - available to buy today with next day delivery - offer low-maintenance solutions, which deliver an excellent in-service life, comply with regulations on VOC emissions and provide an optimum, high-end finish.

In addition to an industrial grade finish, the commercial colour ranges offered by Remmers are extremely wide ranging – if there is a specific colour option you require to match company/business branding, Rawlins Paints also offer a bespoke colour match service, where possible.

Remmers’ Floor Paint Systems

As one of Europe’s leading floor paint manufacturers, Remmers manufacture outstanding applications of the latest, environmentally friendly technologies that have been developed in their floor paint range.

Their unique range includes:

  • Full Colour Range Systems
  • Water Dispersed Coatings
  • Fast Curing Acrylic and Epoxy Resin Based Systems
  • Industrial Grade, Protective Floor Coatings
  • Deck Coating Systems
  • Façade Paints

Further Information about Remmers’ Product Range

Contact Rawlins Paints’ technical support team to buy or enquire about how Remmers’ products can benefit and meet your business requirements:

  • Cleaning
    • Remmers Chemical Products
  • Concrete Protection and Repairs
    • Steel Reinforcement Primers and Bonding Agents
    • Crack Injection
    • Repair Mortars
    • Impregnations & Migratory Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Primers for Coatings
    • Silicone Coatings
    • Acrylic Coatings
    • Anti-Graffiti Coatings
  • Stone & Masonry Restoration
    • Consolidation
    • Mortars
    • Impregnations
  • Specialist Renders
  • Heritage
  • Waterproofing and Damp-Proofing
    • Structural Waterproofing - Internal
    • Injection
    • Structural Waterproofing - External
  • Flooring
    • Floor Seals and Primers
    • Coatings
    • Flow Systems
    • Screeds and Binders
    • Fixing Layers and Seal Coats
    • Anti-Static Systems
    • Repair Products
    • Flakes and Aggregates
    • Ancillaries
  • Joint Sealants
  • Interior Insulation
  • Application Tools