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Stimsonite 980 Road Studs - Limited Stock

Stimsonite 980 Road Studs are surface mounted road studs that are injection moulded from durable polymers to endure high traffic volumes. The patented sure grip base provides excellent adhesion to the road surface and the patented prismatic glass lens provides high, long-term levels of enhanced reflectivity.

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Remmers Repair Mortar LW EP 2K

Remmers Repair Mortar LW EP 2K is a two-component, light-weight mortar for concrete repairs. It is especially for the repair of filigree building elements that have been damaged by steel corrosion. Image already added

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Remmers Water Stop B200/B300

Remmers Water Stop B200/B300 is knitted polyester fabric coated with a thermoplastic elastomer, expansion capable crosswise, stable lengthwise, strong and tear resistant.

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Remmers Multi Filler

Remmers Multi Filler is a universal surface filler that is highly modified & fast hydraulic setting. Adjusted to the desired consistence by adding more or less water and is easy to apply in thin or thick layers. Image already added

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Remmers Kiesol C

Remmers Kiesol C is used as an injection agent to remedy rising damp in building masonry work. The cream is brought into the masonry work or mortar joints through horizontal boreholes under gravity.

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Remmers Reinforcement Fabric 4,8/100 & 4,8/25

Remmers Reinforcement Fabric 4,8/100 & 4,8/25 are alkali-resistant reinforcement fabric made of glass fibres used for reinforcing crack-bridging coatings, to increase their mechanic resistance as well as for repairing missing areas.

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Remmers Underwater Primer

Remmers Underwater Primer is a special, 2-component primer for joint sealants on an epoxy resin base. In the case of expansion joints, especially in areas with mechanical or chemical loads as well as joints that are permanently wet or under water, the substrate must be pre-treated with an adhesive primer to ensure good adhesion of elastic...

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Remmers Water Stop SK 10 / 25

Water Stop SK 10/Water Stop SK 25 is a highly elastic, self-adhesive, butyl rubber on poly-propylene non-woven fabric used to quickly waterproof movement and expansion joints under tiles laid in a thin bed, Liquid Foil, Elasto Grout 1K/2K, Flex Grout 2K, Multi-Tight 2K and under ceramic tiles in normal household areas.

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Remmers IR PUR 2K 150

Remmers IR PUR 2K 150 is a two-component, flexible PUR injection resin for sealing water-bearing cracks and porous, water-soaked areas in concrete and masonry, grouting of construction joints and dilatable filling of cracks.

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Remmers Rapid Hardener

Remmers Rapid Hardener is used for fast, subsequent sealing of leaking areas, seepage water, water inrush and other leaks on concrete, masonry work and render in cellars, water tanks, tunnels, shafts, etc.

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Remmers Deep Primer W

Remmers Deep Primer W is a water based primer with a strengthening effect used to strengthen and prime mineral substrates on a gypsum or cement base, as a primer for levelling compounds and for treating dusting, sanding screed surfaces. It stabilises the substrate and evens differing absorption behaviour. The surface of the substrate is...

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Remmers Kiesol

Remmers Kiesol is a deep protection silicification for waterproofing and refurbishing old and new buildings in the Kiesol System according to WTA Code of Practice 4-4-04/D Injecting Masonry Work against Capillary Moisture. Numerous expert opinions, test certificates, factory production controls and external supervision. Proved in practice for more than 50...

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