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Many customers like to stick with tried and trusted brands and manufacturers, whilst professionals who have seen or heard about new manufacturer product ranges would like to see the full range collected together - which is why Rawlins Paints are now making it even easier to search for and find massive product ranges from Sika, or smaller tarmac restoration ranges from Rust-Oleum. As many manufacturer product ranges can be used in a wide variety or repair, restoration, or redecoration projects, until now many sites - including our own - had the products listed 'all over the place' in many differing categories. Now though, it's even easier for desktop and mobile users to click back and forth between products from a range to find the most suitable one for their requirements.

Should you require any further information about the product ranges and manufacturer ranges available at Rawlins Paints, many products contain brochures in the datasheet download section, previewing products and their advantages in the professional and commercial market. Alternately, contact a member of our Technical Support Team for further information and advice on product combinations from manufacturers to tackle waterproofing concrete, fixing a leaking roof and over-coating it with a long-life solar reflective paint for example, or reducing energy costs by repairing and redecorating over-exposed and timeworn masonry.

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SikaCem Desactivant 4-6

SikaCem Desactivant 4-6 is an aqueous phase surface retarder for concrete with very high curing performance, which deactivates to a depth of 4–6 mm. Can be used for public and private external floor surfaces, such as pedestrian zones, driveways, sidewalks, housing development road systems, patios, swimming pool surrounds, extruded concrete...

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