Thermoguard Fire Varnish BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B System

Thermoguard Fire Varnish BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B s2 d0 System is a clear fire retardant varnish for interior and exterior timber surfaces. See further below for representations of available translucent wood stains - these are shown in the colour picker as solid colours Certificate Application

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Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment is for use on wood and timber: Soaks virtually ‘invisibly’ into woods and timber Achieves Euroclass B (BS Class 0) Fire Propagation and Spread of Flame fire protection on solid timbers Can be overcoated for decorative purposes For internal and external use Simple Certification Application following...

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Thermoguard Wallcoat 30 & 60 Minute System for Plasterboard

Thermoguard Wallcoat 30 & 60 Minute System for Plasterboard is a coloured intumescent paint system for interior plasterboard and cement board ceiling and wall surfaces. These packs have been created to help users ensure they are purchasing sufficient product for their project. Each pack contains the correct amount of basecoat (Wallcoat)...

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Thermoguard Wallcoat BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B System

Thermoguard Wallcoat BS Class 1/0 & EN Class B System is a coloured fire retardant paint system for interior plasterboard ceiling and wall surfaces. Each pack contains the correct amount of basecoat (Wallcoat) and topcoat (Wallcoat Smoke & Flame Retardant Topcoat) to ensure protection is achieved inline with the manufacturers...

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Repair Materials

At Rawlins Paints, we stock a wide range of asphalt, concrete and metal repair products to deal with damage to floors, walls, pipes, driveways and other surfaces.

We have everything from epoxy repair mortars, flexible fillers, self-levelling screeds, emergency pipe repair kits and road repair products to ceramic pipe repair products, for interior and exterior use. If you’re not sure which repair product you need, then get in touch with our Technical Team who will be happy to talk you through the different options.

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Rust-Oleum 5180 Epoxy Repair Mortar

Rust-Oleum 5180 Epoxy Repair Mortar is an incredibly tough, 2 component epoxy resin mortar for repairing damaged, dished or dangerous concrete and stone floors. Virtually indestructable Heavy traffic friendly Chemical resistant Does not shrink or crack Easy all-in-one packaging Interior/Exterior use No primer required in most...

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201 Epoxy Repair Mortar

201 Epoxy Repair Mortar is a high strength, trowel applied, two component epoxy resin mortar, designed for rapid and permanent repairs to concrete and masonry surfaces. Pre-packed units – ready to use Fast curing Impact and abrasion resistant Frost resistant and impervious to water Negligible shrinkage Images are for illustrative...

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Rust-Oleum 5190 Epoxy Repair Mortar Deep Fill

Rust-Oleum 5190 Epoxy Repair Mortar Deep Fill is a very strong epoxy repair mortar for quick and economical repair of deep holes in concrete floors. Stronger than concrete! Economical repair of deep holes in concrete floors Stands up to heavy traffic and many chemicals Does not shrink or crack Easy all-in-1 packaging For indoor and...

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Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Concrete Repair Mortar

Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Concrete Repair Mortar is for levelling and repairing cracks, holes and other damages in concrete, cement renderings and not painted brickwork:  Just add water, stir and its ready for use Light traffic possible after 24 hours (at 20°C) To recoat after 48 hours Sandable to a smooth finish For horizontal and...

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203 Deep Repair Mortar

203 Deep Fill Repair Mortar is a versatile, trowel applied, three component epoxy resin-based, deep section screed/mortar. Easy application Fast curing characteristics Economical Hard wearing and durable Taint free Frost resistant and impervious to water Negligible shrinkage even in thick section Images are for illustrative purposes...

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202 Vertical Surface Repair Mortar

202 Vertical Surface Repair Mortar is a solvent-free fast setting epoxy repair mortar for vertical and overhead repairs. It provides a strong, durable, weatherproof repair for concrete, brickwork, stonework and steel substrates. Excellent adhesion to substrate Very good abrasion and impact resistance High build application in vertical and...

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Rust-Oleum 5410 Asphalt Repair

Rust-Oleum Asphalt Repair is a durable bitumen-based patch repair material for use on exterior pot-holed asphalt and concrete: Ideal for potholes in roads, car parks, paths and other concrete surfaces Simple to use - no mixing required  Repairs can be driven over immediately after application  For repairs 25mm – 100mm Withstands heavy...

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Rust-Oleum 5110 Verti-Patch

Rust-Oleum 5110 Verti-Patch is a very strong epoxy repair mortar with special lightweight fillers for repairing damaged vertical concrete, render and stone. It cures as hard as granite, is quickly overcoatable and can be drilled after curing. 5110 Verti-Patch is non-shrink, can be used indoors or out and can be feather edged. Cures as hard...

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Rust-Oleum Speed Patch Pourable Grade

Rust-Oleum Speed Patch Pourable Grade is a quick setting, pourable repair mortar that is ideal for patch repairs for heavily trafficked floors. Accepts heavy traffic 2 hours after application Easy to prepare: add water and mix Possible to apply on slightly wet concrete Sets at low temperatures (5°C) For deep or shallow repairs More...

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711 MMA Flexible Joint Filler

711 MMA Flexible Joint Filler is a rapid curing, flexible, pourable joint sealant. The consistency of the mixed sealant allows direct pouring of the sealant into horizontal joints. 4000+ colours Excellent adhesion to concrete - suitable for wide joints Tough and resilient, highly resistant to water Easy to apply, hygienic Fast curing,...

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Rust-Oleum 5150 Speed Patch

Rust-Oleum 5150 Speed Patch is a fast setting, high strength concrete repair mortar provides a durable fast setting repair to frost spalled, eroded and cracked concrete, steps, troughs, ramps, coving etc. Strong and quick repair of concrete Can be recoated within hours Does not shrink or crack Can be drilled after curing Easy all-in-1...

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Coo-Var Floorpack Concrete Repair Mortar

Coo-Var Floorpack Concrete Repair Mortar is a solvent free, heavy duty two pack mortar kit for repairing concrete. Ideal for repairs to areas and floors subject to high impact, abrasive or chemically corrosive conditions. Can repair large voids in concrete beams, floors or precast units. It can also be used in damper conditions and lower...

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Driveway Repair

For asphalt patching you’ll need to have a look at our Rust-Oleum Asphalt Repair Starter Kit. Everything you need is in the kit for fast repairs of asphalt, tarmac and concrete surfaces. Speed is often of the essence when repairing driveways and tarmac roads, as it’s important to minimise disruption as far as possible.

If you have potholes on your driveway, or need to repair a stretch of road, then this kit is perfect. It’s a bitumen-based kit ideal for paths and car parks as well as driveways and roads. As soon as you’ve filled in the pothole or repaired the damaged asphalt driveway, it’s can be driven on. No mixing is needed and the end result can easily withstand heavy traffic. This kit can deal with repairs from 10mm to 70mm and is an effective driveway patch repair.

If you’d rather buy the products separately we also stock Rust-Oleum Asphalt Repair and a Rust-Oleum tamper. It’s the same durable bitumen-based patch repair material as in the kit, made up of a liquid binder and polished aggregate. This pack can be used to repair holes between 25 and 100mm in size, so it’s great if you have to repair larger asphalt damage to a road surface.

Sika Products

With over 50 Sika products in this repair materials section on, order now and get your purchase delivered in the UK. Popular products include:

Sika MonoTop 610 - a cementitious based steel reinforcement primer and bonding bridge. Also available is Sika MonoTop 620, here.

Sikalastic 1K - a one component, flexible, fibre-reinforced mortar.

Sikatop Seal 107 - a two part polymer modified cementitious waterproof mortar slurry.

Sikascreed Hardtop - a high strength, rapid hardening, floor levelling mortar.

Sikafloor Level 30 - a high performance, cementitious, self levelling and fast drying, cementitious screed.

Sika Damp Proofing Slurry - a 1-component damp proofing and waterproofing mortar for the damp-proofing of underground buildings.

Click here for more information and products from Sika.

Kerb Repair Products

Rust-Oleum Verti-Patch is a unique repair product with special lightweight fillers, meaning it can repair damaged vertical render, concrete and stone. Perfect for kerb repair or wall repair, this epoxy repair mortar dries as hard as granite and can be used inside and outside. It’s easy to use and great for frost-spalled concrete surfaces that need to be reinforced.

Concrete Repairs

Very cold weather and temperatures can make concrete tricky to repair. Sometimes conventional repair mortars can’t fully dry or cure in low temperatures and something like Coo-Var CSP Mortar is needed. This is an epoxy-based repair mortar for concrete surfaces (either walls or floors) that need to be repaired before they can be painted or coated, or just need a stand-alone repair.

For a really fast repair to concrete, troughs, ramps, coving and steps, Rust Oleum Speed Patch works well. It sets fast and is a very high-strength concrete repair mortar, giving you the finish you want with the minimum of fuss and expense. 

Flooring Repairs

If you need a very strong floor repair, choose Rust-Oleum Epoxy Repair Mortar. This product is actually stronger than concrete, making it perfect to repair floors that endure a lot of heavy traffic. Specifically for fixing and repairing bay edges, eroded or damaged concrete and broken steps, this epoxy mortar doesn’t shrink or crack. It can be used inside or outside and means the surface will quickly be back in action. Repairs made with this product are pretty much indestructible.

For quick and lighter repairs on concrete floors and walls, try Rust-Oleum Light Duty Epoxy Repair and Sikagard 720 EpoCem, which is a three part epoxy and cement combination micro mortar for surface repairs.

Self-Levelling Products

Smoothing uneven surfaces and floors calls for a fast acting and durable product, like Rust-Oleum Speed Screed. Ideal for transforming rough concrete floors this is a self-smoothing screed that leaves a slip-resistant surface in a light grey colour. Ideal for industrial areas that are exposed to heavy traffic and chemicals.

Rust-Oleum’s Scrape Coat is also self-levelling and can be used to flatten concrete floors to ensure a smooth, safe surface. Solvent-free, scrape coat provides a seamless finish and is simple to use.

SikaLevel Latex Ultra is a very quick setting cement-based powder that can be mixed with water and used to level out uneven floors and screeds. It can either be covered with a floor coating or can be left as is for a smooth, even surface. Another powder repair product, Rust-Oleum Pegacrete can also be mixed with water to level and repair cracks in cement renderings, concrete and brickwork. It’s guaranteed not to shrink and can be used inside or outside. 

Fine Crack Repair

Fine cracks in concrete need specific products to fix and repair them. A specifically developed liquid crack filler for concrete, Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield Fine Crack Repair that is guaranteed to be non-shrink ensuring a smooth finish to the concrete surface. This is an economic way to repair a concrete floor and works well for cracks up to 3mm wide.