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Buy roofing resins for use with GRP roofing systems at Rawlins Paints, with excellent coverage rates and hard-wearing finishes that cure quickly for all-round use.

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KoverTek TekShield Roofing Resin

Kovertek TekShield Roofing Resin is designed specifically for roofing applications giving fast wet out and consistent cure with a colour change system to show the progress of the resin curing. The resin is also engineered with a low styrene suppression system to prevent excessive smell when working. High performance virgin resin 20 or 25...

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KoverTek Value Brand Polyester Resin

Kovertek Value Brand Polyester Resin is an unsaturated blended polyester that is pre-accelerated and is ready to use with standard grades of MEKP catalysts. The resin is thixotropic and designed to have good resistance to drainage with a medium cure rate that allows for all round use. High strength blended resin Lower shrink compared to...

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Bullet Roof GRP Roofing Resin

Bullet Roof GRP Roofing Resin is a high grade GRP pure and unblended resin, a long term, leak free and value for money system for flat roofs of any shape or size - from small porches to large domestic and commercial projects. GRP roofing technologies are extensively used for refurbishment or new roofs, by local authorities, architects, and...

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Cromar PRO GRP Resin

Cromar PRO GRP Resin is a cold applied polyester resin designed specifically for Roofing Applications. Easy to form around complex situations, Pro GRP Resin is durable and able to resist foot traffic, an essential component in roofing systems. Very low styrene emission Low viscosity allowing rapid and efficient fibre wet-out Long pot life...

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