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Stimsonite 980 Road Studs - Limited Stock

Stimsonite 980 Road Studs are surface mounted road studs that are injection moulded from durable polymers to endure high traffic volumes. The patented sure grip base provides excellent adhesion to the road surface and the patented prismatic glass lens provides high, long-term levels of enhanced reflectivity.

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Road Repairs

Our road repairs section covers projects aiming to recolour and rejuvenate old and discoloured tarmac, plus products to fill in small pot-holes, cracks and crevices prior to applying a binding and sealing top-coat.

It also allows us to compliment the repair products you may require for underground or outdoor car-parks with the leading cleaners and cleaning liquids for removing stubborn moss, algae and oil-stains. We also have self-levelling asphalt screeds and compounds for seriously trafficked areas, waterproofing sealers to prolong the life of the concrete or tarmac.

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Ennis-Flint PFT Overbanding (BBA Approved)

Ennis-Flint PFT Overbanding (BBA Approved), a highly durable overbanding material for permanent crack repair (up to 5mm in wifth) in asphalt and concrete surfaces, preventing water ingress and frost damage. BBA approved - see certificate 19/H228 - assessed for performance and durability - and HAPAS approved by the British Board of Agrément...

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Stimsonite 980 Road Studs

Stimsonite 980 Road Studs are surface mounted road studs that are injection moulded from durable polymers to endure high traffic volumes. The patented sure grip base provides excellent adhesion to the road surface and the patented prismatic glass lens provides high, long-term levels of enhanced reflectivity.

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Ennis-Flint Pot Hole Repair

Ennis-Flint Pot Hole Repair, an environmentally-friendly thermoplastic repair system that is ideal for repairing cracks, small holes, footways and carriage-ways. Ideal for use on stable roads that have surface defects which require repair to ensure continued safety for road users. Easy-to-use, temporary crack and small hole repair system...

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Ennis-Flint MMAXGRIP PRMX 65

Ennis-Flint MMAXGRIP PRMX 65 is a MMA-based coating that was developed specifically for application to public main roads and side streets as well as other traffic zones. Its special properties make MMAXGRIP PRMX 65 particularly suitable for surfaces where coloured road markings are required on main roads and side streets in urban areas and elsewhere.

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Ennis-Flint Flexiline Thermoplastic Lines

Ennis-Flint Flexiline Thermoplastic Lines are the perfect solution to permanently marking car parks, roads, cycleways, airports, docks and playgrounds etc. Quick and easy to apply, Ennis-Flint Flexiline Flexiline Thermoplastic Lines provide all your requirements, for hard wearing, quick and easily applied surface marking solutions at any time...

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Ennis-Flint Cataphos Chlorinated Rubber (Premium)

Ennis-Flint Cataphos Chlorinated Rubber (Premium) is a highly durable traffic paint for marking applications. Suitable for both asphalt and concrete it is recognised worldwide as the premium chlorinated rubber brand. May also be used on aged blacktop, thermoplastic coverings, and most types of painted lines and floor paints. Fast and easy to apply –...

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Stimsonite 381/C80 Inset Road Studs

Stimsonite 381/C80 Inset Road Studs are a two way snow-ploughable road markers made from hardened cast iron housings designed to withstand all climate conditions that can provide retro-reflectivity from linear distances over 300m away and retain specific intensity values above 150 mcd/lux/m².

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Stimsonite Road Stud Adhesive

Stimsonite Road Stud Adhesive is a high performance hot-melt modified bituminous product used to bond Stimsonite road studs to both asphalt and concrete in temperate climates. Stimsonite Road Stud Adhesive exhibits improved flexibility at low temperatures, while retaining good flow resistance. When melted it forms a highly adhesive...

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Ennis-Flint Thermaline

Thermaline, a new preformed thermoplastic road marking, has been developed as part of the Ennis-Flint Thermoplastic products range. Thermaline compliments the road marking programme by its various uses and material makeup. Thermaline is ideal for areas with light traffic, such as playgrounds. It is an easy to apply, durable and cost effective...

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Ennis-Flint Reflective Glass Beads

Reflective Glass Beads to increase reflectivity, durability and slip resistance of surface applied coatings. For ‘drop-on’ or ‘surface-applied’ application which conforms fully to the requirements of Class B of BS 6088 1981.

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Ennis-Flint Prismo II Road Studs

Ennis-Flint Prismo II Road Studs are aluminium reflecting road studs which are resistant to the corrosive effects of salt and grit and fully compliant with BS EN 1463-2:2000 (S1, R1). Designed for easy installation and stability they are fixed to the road surface with an anti-twist stem and suitable for centre line, edge marking or lane...

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Ennis-Flint Prismo Temporary Road Studs

Ennis-Flint Prismo Temporary Road Studs are BSEN 1463 compliant with self adhesive stick-on pads for easy application. The stud body is fluorescent to give excellent day and night time visibility. Ennis-Flint Prismo Temporary Road Studs are used on contra flows and areas within road works to designate lanes.

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If you own your own business property or area of land where paths, car-parks and roads are your responsibility, any accident occurring on them due to neglect and lack of regular maintenance could lead to a serious court case. Therefore you will need long-lasting, heavy duty, and dependable road repair products from the UK's leading manufacturers and brands.

The products available at Rawlins Paints will see you through most stages of a repair or maintenance project:

  • Filling in pot-holes, small cracks, and crevices
  • Self-levelling screeds and mortars
  • Waterproofing sealers and tarmac binders
  • Black or coloured asphalt and tarmac paints
  • Curb repair products
  • Line marking paints and stencils
  • Road studs
  • Anti-slip exterior tarmac and concrete coatings
  • Anti-slip paint aggregates and additives
  • Moss removers and heavy duty tarmac cleaning liquids
  • And more

Make a positive first impression by having the best looking and well kept roadway, path, patio and forecourt area possible, with products from Remmers, Sika, Rust-Oleum, and more.

Road Repair Substrates

  • Tarmac
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Cement

Types of repair

  • Roads
  • Paths
  • Patios
  • Off-Road tracks
  • Pot-holes
  • Cracks
  • Crevices


  • Moss/algae removal
  • Oil stain removal
  • Self-levelling screeds
  • Cleaners
  • Waterproofing sealers
  • New finishes

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