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Roof Cleaners

Roof cleaners and roof cleaning chemicals are as important for roofing maintenance as topcoat finishes. It is an intrinsic part of any roof repair project, including repair work, replacing or fixing loose sheeting or tiles, recolouring surfaces and materials, or applying a solar and heat reflective finish coat. From pitched to flat roofs, and industrial scale buildings and factories to agricultural properties, each falls victim to the relentless onslaught of weather elements, bird droppings, brushes with close proximity trees, wind damage, moss, algae, and more. Products listed in this category are excellent for both surface cleaning and preparation prior to applying subsequent elements of a roof repair or waterproofing system. 

Among the most popular roof cleaning products are fungicidal washes, which are most commonly used to clean discoloured red roof tiles, slate, Plastisol, asphalt, rolled felt, and parapet brickwork. Please check product datasheets, as some products are also suitable for moss and algae build-up on masonry and guttering - which may go unnoticed until it blocks roof drainage!

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Hydron Mona-Clean Brick Cleaner

Mona-Clean Brick Cleaner is a strong acidic liquid specifically formulated to remove heavy grime deposits from sandstone and brick. For use in conjunction with pressure washing Suitable for exterior roofs, facades, floors landscaping products, internally on floors and many more examples below More Information Delivery Info

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Sika Mould Buster

Sika Mould Buster is a powerful, fast acting solution which is effective on most surfaces. It removes algae, mould and green growth without the need for scrubbing or pressure washing. Approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulation 1986 (as amended) for use as directed. HSE No 8376. Also approved for use in Ireland, PCS No. 96329....

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Remmers BFA

Remmers BFA is a restoration solution for removing algae, fungi, lichen and moss on mineral building materials and other water resistant surfaces as well as for preventive treatment to create an “active ingredient depot”. Excellent long-term effect No water-repellent action Free from heavy metals Preventive protection against green...

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Hydron Mona-Clean Algae Remover

Mona-Clean Algae Remover is a specially prepared, ready to use wash. Designed for use before painting or treating with protective impregnators to kill spores of mould and algae. Protects against re-infection for up to 3 years For use on exterior roofs, facades, floors and landscaping Brickwork, concrete, natural stone, render, and more...

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Cromar AlphaChem Fungicidal Wash

Cromar AlphaChem Fungicidal Wash (formerly Moss & Mould Remover) provides a growth-free surface prior to treatment with surface finishes. Removes lichen, moss, algae and similar vegetation on roofs, walls and other surfaces Suitable for use on concrete, asbestos, cement, slates, tiles, brickwork, paths and paving Do not apply in wet...

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Cromar Patination Oil

Cromar Patination Oil is specially developed to reduce unsightly staining due to white carbonate and to impart a pleasing appearance to newly applied lead sheet and flashings. For professional use Specially formulated to provide a protective film coating enhancing the lead colour Suitable for all external applicational to lead‐work...

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Tikkurila Panssaripesu Roof Cleaning Agent

Tikkurila Panssaripesu - Roof cleaning agent, an emulsifying cleaning agent containing ammonia for cleaning metal-sheeted roofs. Cleaning agent for cleaning zinc-coated surfaces prior to painting. Emulsifies dirt, grease, oil etc. Suitable for cleaning both new and old zinc coated surfaces More Information Delivery Info

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