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Our range of roof products are designed to waterproof, protect and decorate. We have solutions for flat roofs, metal roofs, sloped roofs, gutters, balconies and more. Our waterproof roof paints and coatings for flat and pitched roofs provide repair and long lasting protection to felt, metal, timber, concrete, grp and more for up to 25 years. Easy to apply, useable all year round and very cost effective.

Our roof coating systems are designed to waterproof, protect and decorate all types of roofing materials. Roof coatings are often the most cost effective way to renovate a roof by allowing the user to extend the life expectancy without the need to remove old material, meaning no disruption to the building below.

Our systems are easy to apply in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, they dry quickly allowing the structures to be back in service with minimal delay.

• ‘Cold’ applied, seamless waterproof protection – No need for heat or naked flames.
• Tough and elastomeric to withstand thermal/structural movement.
• Solar reflective coatings, instant leak repair, asbestos encapsulation, metal protection, & more!
• 5, 10, 15 and 25 year systems for flat, metal, pitched, corrugated and tiled roofs, balconies and more.

Our help and advice promise
We understand that large roof areas can be daunting to take on yourself, that’s why we offer comprehensive advice on how to prepare your roof, where to hire the equipment from, the best way to apply your roof coating and if you’re still not sure we’ll even recommend one of our approved applicators to come and do it for you!

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