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Manufacturer Overview

     Rust-Oleum Paints and Coatings

One of the leading brands stocked at Rawlins Paints, leading products include hygiene paints, marking aerosols, CombiColour paints primer and topcoat (available in a wide variety of colours), heat resistant and fire retardant paints and coatings, along with many other industrial scale products.

The Kitchen Surface Transformation Kit is a big selling and widely searched for product at RawlinsPaints.com and can transform worktop surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom, and public house bars in just one weekend. Available in black or white, it can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

About Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum manufacture innovative paints and coatings for professional users and consumers. With an output of over 100 million items a year, Rust-Oleum are also the largest producer of paint aerosols in the world. Rust-Oleum were founded in 1921 in the USA, their turnover is over USD 1 billion, they employ around 1000 people, their Headquartered in Vernon Hills, IL, USA but they have offices and factories in 10 countries.

In Europe, Rust-Oleum products are aimed at professionals with a strong focus on maintenance and renovation—from aerosols producing instant results to advanced coating systems. They also provide non-slip, repair and maintenance products. Products and solutions for specific target groups

Rust-Oleum are all about saving time, money and stress. The modern professional has no time to waste. The highest cost within maintenance and renovation projects is often hourly wages. Rust-Oleum can help by providing products that save time, money and worry. Rust-Oleum are a chemical company and are aware of the importance of treating their surroundings and the environment with respect. They cater to the needs of our target audience and do so in the most environmentally conscious and innovative way possible.

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