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Safety & Security Paint

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Whether you are keeping people safe at a site, or making it harder for trespassers and vandals to cause damage, we have a wide range of products designed specifically for these tasks. A specially compiled range of products that all improve safety and security in various ways. The range consists of anti-graffiti paint, anti-climb paint, anti-vandal paint, fluorescent paint, luminous paint, glow in the dark paint and much more.

Our Safety and Security range offers a variety of specific problem solving products which have been specially developed to help the user protect property, comply with health and safety, provide safer surfaces, or solve a problem that other products can’t. Our products are able to offer temporary and permanent solutions to fit maintenance budgets and time constraints.

• Anti-Graffiti Coatings for prevention and removal.
• Anti-Climb Coatings to stop intruders.
• Fluorescent Paint to provide high visibility for equipment and other areas for safety identification.
• Luminous Paint glows in the dark and is used for marking fire escape routes on floors, walls and objects to improve safety during egress.

Our help and advice promise
Our sales advisors are trained to help you work out how much product you will need for your area, the best ways to apply the products and how quickly you can recoat or be back in business.

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