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Manufacturer Overview

Sandtex is the leading masonry paint brand in the UK and is part of the Crown Paints family. Sandtex Trade specialises in masonry paint to protect the exterior of homes and buildings, with a focus on longevity, durability and performance.

Sandtex Trade high build paints

A leading Sandtex product is their high-build and heavy textured masonry paint, available here. This Sandtex Trade product is commonly used to cover fine cracks and smooth out uneven surfaces and remains flexible.

     Sandtex Trade Paints

Sandtex primer and undercoat

As part of a full range of end to end Sandtex paint and masonry protection products, Sandtex offers a range of exterior primer and undercoat products. Sandtex Trade Flexible Primer Undercoat is a specifically developed high performance primer for exterior use. It has been developed to give extra resistance to flaking and cracking. It’s available in three Sandtex colours – red, charcoal grey and white.

Sandtex Rust Inhibiting Primer Undercoat has been developed as a primer and undercoat for exterior metals. It is a one use exterior metal primer and can be used on pre-treated and weathered galvanised steelwork.

Sandtex high performing gloss

For use on metal, Sandtex Metalgloss X-Tra is a high performance exterior metal paint. It has a high resistance to UV rays and is designed to limit damage to the exterior metal from the sun. It’s easy to apply and has a ten year guarantee. A wide range of Sandtex Masonry paint colours gives flexible choices when it comes to rust proofing and protecting your metalwork outside.

Sandtex All-Weather masonry paint

A high performance, smooth resin masonry paint, Sandtex Trade 365 All Weather Smooth Masonry is an all-round masonry paint to protect from bad weather. It is provided as a product choice in circumstances where it’s not possible to use Sandtex High Cover Smooth due to temperature, but a good quality, protective exterior house paint is needed. 

Sandtex masonry repair products

To treat fungal growth on exterior walls or surfaces, Sandtex Trade Fungicide Solution can be used either on surfaces that are undecorated or surfaces that have previously been decorated. It’s one of a range of Sandtex products for maintaining exterior masonry protection.

A simple, easy to use filler, Sandtex Trade Ready Mixed Filler is perfect for repairing small cracks and making minor blemishes smooth. It’s ready mixed and water based and can be used inside and outside.

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