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From early 2018, Rawlins Paints will be stocking a wide range of tiles and floor products from esteemed industrial paints and coatings manufacturer, SCHÖNOX. SCHÖNOX is a Sika brand catering for professional craftsmen and industry professionals requiring high-end repair, renovation, and restoration products, including:

  • Tile and floor adhesives
  • Levelling compounds and screeds
  • Primers
  • Grouts
  • Waterproofing membranes
  • Wall levelling compounds

As Rawlins Paints expands its stocked SCHÖNOX range, if there are any products you cannot see listed here, please contact a member of our sales team – as we may still be in the process of listing it

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SCHÖNOX AP is a synthetic gypsum self-levelling compound for use from 1 to 45mm, especially suitable on all gypsum substrates as well as on cast asphalt screeds according to DIN 18 560. Can also be used on cement substrates in interior areas. After adding of 6 litres of water to 25kg of powder, SCHÖNOX AP is ready to use.

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SCHÖNOX APF is a synthetic gypsum fibre-reinforced, self-levelling compound for use from 3 - 15mm especially suitable for wood floor boards, chip board (V100), mastic asphalt screeds and other critical substrates in combination with elastic and textile coverings for interior areas. Embedded fibres provide reinforcement, making it unnecessary to lay a...

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SCHÖNOX AST is a superfine, sturdy, all-purpose repairing mortar which is quick drying, extendable to feather finish and very easy to handle. Filled in handy 4.5kg bags.

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SCHÖNOX COMBILEIT, a conductive universal adhesive for all conductive coverings, suitable for bonding conductive and antistatic carpet, vinyls, rubber and linoleum. Solvent-free (according to TRGS 610A), the adhesive has a short waiting time and doesn't require a conductive primer. Please note that Combileit has a 10 working day lead time,...

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SCHÖNOX DOUBLE STICK is a multipurpose polychloroprene based contact adhesive, suitable for a wide range of applications, including Cap & Cove installation, bonding of vinyl, CV, Carpet and textiles coverings shop fitting, furniture manufacture, automotive applications, general repairs and the manufacture of leather goods. It is a high strength, brushable...

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SCHÖNOX DSP is a very low emission, premium levelling compound for direct use for all suitable substrates in exterior and interior areas. Especially suitable for levelling of industrial floors as well as garages and cellars. SCHÖNOX DSP is characterised by a low material shrinkage, very good flow properties and a homogeneous concrete gray...

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SCHÖNOX DUROCOLL is a very low emission, fibre reinforced, strong dispersion adhesive suitable for gluing PVC-designcoverings (LVT’s), PVC- and CV-floor coverings as well as needlefelt coverings on absorbent substrates. For interior use. The strong elastic adhesive groove counteracts to dimensional changes of the covering.

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SCHÖNOX EMICLASSIC is a universal pressure sensitive dispersion adhesive for all flexible coverings, for textile coverings with PVC-, PU backing, filler-free backing, linoleum coverings, synthetic rubber coverings and impact sound insulation underlay on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates in interior areas.

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SCHÖNOX FPL PLUS is a self levelling compound for use from 3 to 60mm, with aggregate 60mm. SCHÖNOX FPL PLUS is noted for very little shrinkage. After adding of 4.5 litres water to 25kg of powder, SCHÖNOX FPL PLUS is ready to use. Interior and exterior.

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SCHÖNOX HS 50 is an extremely low-stress hybrid levelling compound with a wide range of applications. It combines the advantages of a low tension calcium sulphate based levelling compound with the fast drying of cementitious systems. Top Features EMICODE EC1PLUS R: very low emission, regulated RAL UZ 113: Environment-friendly, because...

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SCHÖNOX iFLOOR is a very low emission, dispersion based rollable adhesive for laying of suitable LVT-coverings as planks and floor tiles on levelled substrates in interior areas.

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SCHÖNOX KH FIX is a ready for use, solvent-free synthetic resin dispersion primer for mineral substrates as moisture protection, primer coat and reduction of absorbency. Especially suitable as a primer for calcium sulphate (gypsum) based substrates with short drying time. For interior and exterior use. Top Features EMICODE EC 1PLUS: very...

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