Masonry Sealers and Primers

In order to achieve those high-spec decorative finishes and with the best protection possible, our selection of Primers and Sealers are here to ensure just that.

They include some of our top manufacturers - Remmers, Sika and Wethertex - plus a NEW range from Hydron designed for more elaborate architectural projects that give you the freedom to create a truly unique look.

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Wethertex ST1 Quick Dry Stabilising Primer

Wethertex ST1 Quick Dry Stabilising Primer is the ideal product for use when preparing unstable exterior surfaces for painting. Specially developed using fine particle sized polymers, this silicone based product is able to penetrate deep into the substrate, creating ultra high adhesion and high vapour permeability. Seals and stabilises...

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Wethertex WB1 WeatherBLOCKER

Wethertex WeatherBLOCKER is the perfect one stop solution for protecting your building from the damaging effects of penetrating damp. Developed using nano-technology, this clear, waterproof coating penetrates deep into brick or stone to give up to 25 years protection against damp without affecting the appearance of the substrate. Ready to...

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Wethertex PP1 Pre-Prep Wash Coat Primer

Wethertex PP1 Pre-Prep Wash Coat Primer (10L) is a ready mixed, flexible, through coloured penetrating primer to control suction and ensure good key, prior to the application of MP44 Spray Wall Coating or AX1 Pliolite Thin Coat Render. 20 exclusive colours to choose from, with good coverage - approximately 8-9m2 per litre High adhesion -...

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Eagle Primer PU1000

Eagle Primer PU-1000 increases bonding and adhesion of waterproof membranes (Desmopol) to porous surfaces such as cement, concrete and mortar. Single component polyurethane-based resin Can be used in combination with mineral particles (silica sand) on very uneven surfaces. Apply by brush, roller or airless spray More Information...

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Sika Water Repel +

Sika Water Repel + is a high performance transparent water repellent specially formulated to provide a water repellent finish and prevent attack by water penetration on porous substrates such as brick, stone, masonary, plaster, plasterboard, pebbledash, rendering, porous tiling, grouting, flags and block paving. Penetrates deep into the...

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Sika Water Seal

Sika Water Seal is a solvent based, waterproofing water seal for masonry, to protect structures against rain, damp and frost.  On application, dependent upon the porosity of the material to be treated, it penetrates to a depth of 5mm, effectively repelling driving rain. Used to protect brick, stone, concrete and masonry against rainwater...

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Britannia Stabilising Masonry Solution

Britannia Stabilising Masonry Solution is a solvent-based stabilising solution for friable and chalking surfaces. Internal and external use Highly penetrating Pliolite resin-based acrylic solution Produces a surface suitable for decoration Surface dry in 1-2 hours Coverage Calculator More Information **Available for delivery - see...

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Wethertex GRC Fibre Glass Reinforced Polymer Levelling Base Coat

Wethertex GRC (25KG) is a highly polymer modified and fibre reinforced high performance cement based waterproofing base coat. The ultimate base for mixed substrates, it has excellent workability and finishing time properties. Can be applied by hand or spray in low temperatures and used as a scratch base coat ready to receive a through coloured...

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Wethertex X71 Polymer Levelling Base Coat

Wethertex X71 Polymer Levelling Base Coat (25KG) is a highly polymer modified high performance cement based waterproofing levelling base coat which has excellent workability and finishing time properties, the No1 all round product for multiple substrates. This product can be applied by hand or spray in low temperatures and used as a base coat...

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Hydron Nu-Guard Tack Primer

Nu-Guard Tack Primer is a high performance water soluble, epoxy coating. Provides first class adhesion to properly prepared surfaces First coat of the Nu-Guard AG System. Developed to act as a tack primer over existing coatings and non porous substrates including glazed tiles More Information **Available for delivery - see Delivery...

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Hydron Mona-Guard Plus

Mona-Guard Plus is a unique hydrophobic impregnation coating system providing stain and water repellency. Excellent water repellent qualities, reduces penetration of oil and water, frost damage and organic growth. Stain and dirt resistant Conforms to EN 1504-2 For use on brickwork, concrete, natural stone, reconstructed stone and...

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Tikkurila Hydrosol Masonry Primer

Tikkurila Hydrosol Masonry Primer is a water-borne masonry primer for exterior walls and used to bind and stabilise masonry and concrete surfaces prior to application of topcoats. Suitable for new or previously treated interior or exterior masonry surfaces Penetrates well into the surface Strengthens the substrate Evens out its...

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