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Apply clear and tinted oils to your wood garden fence, shed, and summerhouse, to aid protection against UV light and other weather elements throughout the year. Protecting your garden wooden structures helps keep them structurally sound, keeping rot, algae, and fungal attacks at bay for longer.

Our collection of wood oils for gardens can be applied with just a few coats and are friendly to humans, pets, and wildlife, once dry. Available in clear, they are also tintable and ready to buy in many natural wood shades and tones from the biggest brands, including Rubio Monocoat, Osmo, and Flag.

Protecting garden fences, sheds, and summerhouses helps prevent vandals and wildlife from breaching rotten areas and gaining access to areas you have been keeping private. It helps prevent crime such as stealing from garden sheds or gaining access to home through rear entrances and windows, as well as wildlife pilfering your veg patch and fruit trees, or breaking into sheds and summerhouses to hibernate.

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Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector

Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector is a genuine ‘monocoat’, suitable for colouring and protecting almost all exterior wood in one single layer. The easy application and maintenance make this oil an exceptionally user-friendly product, protecting wooden facades, patios, shutters, portals, garden furniture, pontoons, windows and doors, etc...

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Osmo UV-Protection Oil

Osmo UV-Protection-Oil is ideal for all vertical wood surfaces in outdoor areas: doors, windows, window shutters (dimensionally stable elements), carports, timber cladding, balconies, fences, pergolas, and summer houses (dimensionally unstable elements). Clear UV Protection Oil 410 is safe for humans, plants and animals when dry Clear UV...

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Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Tints

Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Tints, a transparent, lightly pigmented and satin, natural oil based wood finish for exterior use. Ideal for all vertical wood surfaces in outdoor areas: doors, windows, window shutters (dimensionally stable elements), carports, timber cladding, balconies, fences, pergolas, and summer houses (dimensionally unstable...

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Flag Boiled Linseed Oil

Flag Boiled Linseed Oil is a natural vegetable oil similar to raw linseed oil but with drying qualities. Used for feeding dry wood or for sealing unglazed terracotta tiles. For interior and exterior use on wood and unglazed terracotta tiles Semi-gloss finish Please Note: This product is made to order subject to an extended lead time of 10...

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Flag Raw Linseed Oil

Flag Raw Linseed Oil is a natural vegetable oil for replenishing and nourishing dry wood. Traditionally used for oiling cricket bats and old beams. If enhanced drying qualities are required please see Flag Boiled Linseed Oil. For interior and exterior use on wood Used to penetrate and feed wood Also useful for softening putty and as a...

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Need Help?

Need Help?

Should I oil my fence and shed?

Yes - nourishing wood with oil refreshes natural oils that have been lost during exposure to the elements, and protects wood from within. Our traditional and next-generation oils provide excellent resistance to weather and fungal attacks that would otherwise rot wood, resulting in expensive repairs to fencing and sheds.

How often should you oil your fence?

Traditional wood oils, such as Danish Oil, require multiple coats to provide adequate protection to sheds and fences, and may require regular recoating through the year to maintain. Our next-generation wood oils from Rubio Monocoat and Osmo are one-coat products that last much longer and protect against UV light, water, dirt, and fungal attacks.

Can you use decking oil on a shed?

We recommend use of wood oils designed for vertical surfaces such as Osmo and Rubio Monocoat.

How do I stop my fence going GREY?

Wood will grey naturally over time when exposed to sunlight. Using wood oils on exterior wood surfaces, such as sheds and fences, will slow the effect and allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of wood for much longer. Osmo UV-Protection Oil, for example, maintains wood’s natural wetted colour, slowing the greying process by (UV factor) 12 times in comparison to untreated wood.