We offer 8 different names in the SikaCeram range that are ideal for adhesion to tiles. There is non-slip, showerproof tile adhesive, waterproof wall adhesive, waterproof fix and grout, tile on timber adhesion, rapid set adhesive, rapid set flexible adhesive, wall tile grout, and even a SikaCeram for stone, porcelain, and large format tiles. 

Non-slip tiles are sought after for bathrooms, kitchens and showers that need a good looking, safe environment. The flexible and fast-curing options are fantastic for business use. If your environment is prone to vibration or surface movement, you don't want your tiles to be getting misplaced. Fast-curing also offers minimum interruption or inconvenience to the running of your industry. 

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Sika AG is a specialty chemical company for building and motor vehicle supplies, headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. It has a leading market position in both the building sector and the automotive industry.

Kaspar Winkler invented the first Sika product in 1910, and their first major project was the waterproofing of the Gotthard tunnel in his native Switzerland. 

Today Sika can be found in 101 different countries, including here in the UK since 1927, based in Welwyn Garden City and Preston, Lancashire. From the basement to the roof, Sika provides an entire range of products for the repair, protection, construction or sealing of your building.

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