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CLEARANCE - Bradite Rapid

Bradite Rapid is a high performance single-pack moisture cure polyurethane floor coating that is ideal for commercial and industrial environments. Available in a large amount of colours, including RAL shades, the tough and flexible film will provide water and chemical resistance.  Advantages Available in more than 350 colours in RAL &...

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CLEARANCE - Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 400

Macropoxy 400 (formerly known as Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy C400V3) multi-functional epoxy zinc phosphate coating is suitable for the protection of steelwork in a range of exposure environments from C1 to C5. It was recently used on The Shard for corrosion protection. Recommended Uses Buildings Car parks Petrochemical plants Breweries...

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CLEARANCE - Bedec Multi Surface Paint Colours

Bedec Multi Surface Paint is a renowned non-yellowing, water-based paint that resists flaking or peeling because of its outstanding flexibility. Low VOC Environmentally friendly Quick drying Micro-porous Low odour No primer/undercoat required Matt, satin or gloss Colour choice PLEASE SEE LONG DESCRIPTION FOR AVAILABLE QUANTITIES...

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CLEARANCE - Sherwin-Williams Cleanser/Thinner No.5

Sherwin-Williams Cleanser/Thinner No.5 is a specially formulated blend of solvents designed to mix with its compatible Sherwin-Williams products to create an optimal consistency for application whether it be for Brush, Roller or Spray. It can also be used for cleaning of surfaces and application equipment. 1 x 5l available - now 50% off

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PPG Sigma Vikote 18

PPG Sigma Vikote 18 is a high-build, aluminum pigmented chlorinated rubber primer/sealer. Offering excellent water resistance, resistance to well-designed/controlled cathodic protection and can be applied at temperatures down to –10°C (14°F). Anti-corrosive primer/sealer Fast-drying Tolerates a DFT up to 150 µm (6.0 mils) at overlaps...

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PPG Sigma Vikote 56

PPG Sigma Vikote 56 is a modified acrylic finish coat for above-water areas. Featuring good gloss and colour retention, resistance to water and splash of mild chemicals. This fast-drying coat can be applied at temperatures down to –10°C (14°F). Dries in as little as 30 minutes (@ 20°C) Apply by spray, brush or roller Gloss finish...

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HMG QAD Enamel

HMG QAD Enamel is an industrial paint for use in situations where quick drying, high gloss, durable and tough coatings are needed. Quick drying - touch dry in 30 minutes Ease of use Available in a wide colour range including RAL & BS shades Click to jump down to Technical Data

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HMG RAD Enamel

HMG RAD Enamel, is a 1K modified thermoplastic acrylic offering rapid air dry, outstanding gloss and colour retention together with excellent adhesion. Quick drying - touch dry in 10 minutes Ease of use Available in a wide range of colours Click to jump down to Technical Data

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HMG C71 Speedline

HMG C71 Speedline is a high quality '2 hour' drying time synthetic alkyd enamel.  It offers fast surface drying, good through drying even in thick films and outstanding film hardness and toughness.  In addition, yellowing is minimal even after prolonged exposure to higher temperatures. Quick drying agricultural paint Quick drying...

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HMG Coach Enamel

HMG Coach Enamel is traditional, ultra high quality, high build, long oil synthetic enamel for brush application.  It gives an extra long wet edge time allowing it to be brushed without brush drag. High gloss Excellent water resistance Flexible with good exterior durability and toughness Available in a wide colour range including RAL...

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HMG D66 Economy Line

HMG D66 Economy Line is an alkyd based synthetic enamel designed for general purpose brush and spray requirements.  It is also oil and diesel resistant making it a good choice for agricultural, appliance & machinery finishes. Good performance. Oil and diesel resistant. Quick drying agricultural paint. Quick drying appliance paint....

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HMG D66 Chassis Black

HMG D66 Chassis Black is an alkyd based synthetic enamel to suit both brush and spray requirements. Good performance Oil and diesel resistant Click to jump down to Technical Data

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HMG A1240 High Opacity White

HMG A1240 High Opacity White is a high quality brushing enamel that gives excellent obliteration of previous coatings without the loss of gloss level, adhesion or durability. Availiable in white For use with synthetic high opacity undercoats Click to jump down to Technical Data

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International Intercryl 700

International Intercryl 700, a single component water borne finish formulated on weather resistant acrylic copolymer technology, a durable finish coat for both water based and solvent based systems where colour and gloss retention are important. Choose from over 350 RAL and BS colours Dries in just 3 hours For industrial environments, new...

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Tikkurila Fontecryl SC 50

Tikkurila Fontecryl SC 50 is a water-borne, one-component fast drying alkyd modified acrylic paint containing active anticorrosive pigments. Used as a single-coat paint, it is also suitable as a topcoat for painting in metal industry and painting stations. Huge colour range available from RAL, BS & NCS High film-building properties...

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Tikkurila Fontelac QD 80

Tikkurila Fontelac QD 80 is a water-borne, one-component glossy topcoat based on alkyd dispersion ideal for touch-up painting in indoor areas. Used as a glossy finish for small tanks, agricultural machinery, haulage equipment and other machinery and equipment. Easy to use - one-component Ideal for touch-up painting in indoor areas Wide...

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