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Sketch Paints

Create super smooth, convenient and high quality whiteboards of any shape or size to suit your home or business with our range of sketch, doodle and whiteboard paints from Rawlins Paints.

Traditional whiteboards become a thing of the past, as whiteboard paint can turn ordinary non-porous surfaces such as doors, walls, kitchen cabinets, furniture, etc, into an easily cleanable, child safe, creative and writeable dry-wipe surface.

Simply apply the sketch paint onto any suitably prepared internal surface to create useful noticeboards, a place for handy reminders, to do lists, rotas and more for homes, classrooms, offices and staff rooms.

Choose from popular manufacturers including MagPaint, Zinsser and Rust-Oleum.

Sketch paint can become magnetic whiteboard paint if applied over a compatible Magnetic Paint, creating a handy, exciting workspace - and an engaging play area for children. See below:

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Zinsser Write-On Paint

Zinsser Write-On Paint allows you to turn any wall in your home, office or classroom into a creative centre. It is a white coating that transforms ordinary walls into a dry-wipe surface in just one coat. After simple installation you will be able to use standard dry-wipe markers* on your walls. Ideal for use on painted interior surfaces such...

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Magpaint Europe Sketch Paint

Use Magpaint Europe Sketch Paint to turn ordinary non-porous surfaces such as doors, walls, kitchen cabinets, furniture, etc, into writeable surfaces. The smooth glossy finish is easy to clean, ideal as a children`s play area or for taking notes such as reminders, shopping lists and recipes in kitchens, offices, staff rooms, etc. Coverage...

Price £54.68
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MagPaint SketchPaint Accessories

Sketch Paint - Turn any surface into a dry erase board; being a big wall, a door, a cupboard or an old blackboard. You can give way to your thoughts or creative eruptions: organize, visualize, instruct. Combine SketchPaint with Magnet Paint and anything is possible: use magnets on the same surface where you draw or write. Some accessories are...

Price £25.64
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Rust-Oleum Doodle Wall - White

Rust-Oleum Doodle Wall is a smooth, hard finish that creates a unique, white, writeable-erasable surface. Once dry, simply use dry wipe markers to draw or write messages and then erase. Application is easy and it has minimal odour making it safe to use indoors. Ideal for use on painted interior surfaces such as: Plasterboard, Hardboard, Wood,...

Price £37.62
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Need Help?

Creating Writeable Magnetic Surfaces

Selected sketch paints can be painted over magnetic paints to create exciting, stimulating (and easily cleanable!) play ares for children, or useful and vibrant workspaces for offices, presentations and staff rooms.


Easy As 1-2-3!

Convert any wall into a writable surface, quickly and easily with our fantastic range of sketch paints. We also stock an excellent range of Blackboard Paints and Chalkboard Paints - allowing you to create the ideal space for work or play.


At Rawlins Paints we make buying specialist paint easy. Our technical team are always happy to help if you require assistance with any aspect of your project. Please contact our Technical Department on 0113 2455450 (option 2) or send a message to [email protected].