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Exterior masonry requires different paints and coatings than cladding or metal. Regardless of whether you are looking to waterproof, decorate or protect a substrate when picking a masonry paint, Rawlins Paints offer a wide selection of colours, covering both textured and smooth masonry finishes. If you require any recommendations, further product information or application advice for the smooth masonry paints listed in this category, please give us a call or drop us an email with your requirements.

Waterproofing a property can be achieved quickly and successfully if adequate preparation work is done on the substrate or surface to be coated. If you are looking to cover and protect recent repair or renovation work, severe discolouration for water stains, exposure or a previously dark coating, choosing the right masonry coating is crucial. Smooth masonry paints, however, are ideal for a creamy smooth finish, which is easy to clean and maintain. As well as looking very aesthetically decorative, smooth masonry coatings can help protect the underlying substrate from weather extremities, mould, algae, moss and any other fungal growth. Application guides are available in datasheets that accompany each product, and Rawlins Paints’ blog has several articles about best practice application processes and improving building facades.

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Weatherproofing Smooth Masonry Paints

In the UK, one of the main requirements of an external paint is that it weatherproofs the underlying substrate across all four seasons – from UV exposure, rain, sleet, snow and gale force winds. Of course, there are coastal areas which are prone to higher levels of potential corrosion from environmental exposure – such as sea winds and even flooding on low plains.

Whilst externally waterproofing, masonry paints allow substrates to breath, enabling any drainage or damp problems within a property to evaporate easier and maintain the substrate’s integrity.

The Decorative Value of Smooth Masonry Coatings

Smooth masonry paints are typically matt finishes, smooth to the touch and providing a very balanced colour tone. These types of paints are ideal for new builds and walls which do not need any defects ‘hiding’.

It is never advised to go cheap when applying masonry paint, as it never delivers a sustainable finish – colours will quickly fade, UV protection is minimal, and waterproofing values are compromised. Rawlins Paints only distribute the best smooth masonry paints for small, medium and large projects, across residential properties, office blocks, heritage and listed buildings, country estates, public transport buildings and facilities, schools, and more.

Get a smooth consistency, with fantastic coverage ratios, excellent colour finishes and long-lasting protection today, for pebble-dash, harling and other rough surfaces, smooth rendered properties of render or stucco, and older properties where a textured or rough finish would be unsuitable. 

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