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Britannia Durashield

Britannia Durashield, a smooth, cold applied rubber based waterproofing system for a longer lasting seamless coating - a ten year life expectancy with just one coat over surfaces. Rainfall immediately after application has no adverse effect No primer (except on porous/friable surfaces) Reduced labour costs Flexible elastomeric system...

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Coo-Var White Glass Shading

Coo-Var White Glass Shading is a water based paste for dilution. Ideal to block out excess light and heat in factories and greenhouses. Helps to reduce interior temperature. Apply direct A water based paste for dilution Ideal to block out excess light and heat Finish: Matt Application: Brush or roller Drying time: 1-2 hours Estimated...

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Tikkurila Climatecooler Flex Topcoat

Climatecooler Flex Topcoat , a flexible heat reflecting water-borne modified acrylate paint for the painting of roofs. To be used as a system with ClimateCooler Flex Primer. Recommended uses include bitumen and fiber cement roofings Can also be used for flat roofs with no standing water For industrial and professional use only More...

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Zenova IP Thermal Insulating Paint

Zenova IP embeds the most modern insulating technology in a thermos-like ultra-thin layer. Intended for use in new thermal improvement projects, for the renovation and maintenance of existing wall assemblies to improve their thermal performance. Suitable internally and externally for walls, roofs (metallic, ceramic etc. ), pipes, ducting, and...

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Zenova IR Thermal Insulating Plaster

Zenova IR is an ecologic thermal insulating plaster. It is a mono component product based on ceramic microspheres which, after application, present outstanding properties such as: Thermal insulation internally and externally Thermal reflection of sunrays and infrared radiation Anti-condensation characteristics by eliminating the...

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Eagle CoolTop

Eagle CoolTop is a white, reflective, two-component, aliphatic polyurethane resin that forms a continuous, flexible, shiny, protective film and prevents the absorption of solar radiation, so its application to building rooftops protects against the accumulation of structural heat. Holds up well against heavy foot and vehicle traffic....

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Tikkurila Climatecooler Uni Topcoat

ClimateCooler Uni Topcoat is a heat-reflecting water-borne modified acrylate paint, for painting of roofs and to be used as a system with ClimateCooler Uni Primer. Recommended uses include concrete tiles, fiber-cement sheets and primed steel sheet roofs Solar reflectance: Reflects up to 80 % of heat radiation Best heat-reflectance result...

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Need Help?

Light Reflective Paint for Roofs

As older roofs need increased waterproofing to keep watertight, aluminium roof paint tends to be used. As these products are usually solvent-based heat reflective paint, and are applied in thicker coatings, they are a more expensive option.

Coo-Var Solar Reflective Aluminium paint dissipates heat and sunlight. This bituminous aluminium paint is a solar reflective roof paint that can be used on brick, wood, concrete and stable felt. Coo-Var Solar is a silver reflective paint and is dry to the touch around three hours after application using a brush or roller.

GacoPro Roof Coating is an entirely silicone roof paint that can be used on flat and pitched roofs and guarantees an amazing waterproofing coating. GacoPro can be applied as a spray, by brush or roller and on most existing roof coatings, including plastisol, felt and asphalt. If you use GacoPro Roof Coating in Solar Reflective White, you can add a huge reduction in thermal shock to the waterproofing properties, as it reflects more than 85% of the sun’s rays, further extending the life of your roof, as well as saving energy.

Heat Reflecting Paint for Dark Roofs

Blackfriar Professional Solar Reflective Paint is available in two types, both specially developed to reduce heat gain on dark coloured roofs. Both can be applied to metal, concrete, brick, bitumen, among other surfaces. Specifically, for exterior use, they are self-priming and need two coats to give the best finish. The white reflective paint is water-based and great for adding reflectivity to new roofs whereas the aluminium finish is great for weathered and old roof surfaces.

Guarantees, Warranties and Life Expectancies for Large Roofing Projects

Our roof coating systems are designed to waterproof, protect and decorate almost all types of roofing materials. Roof coatings are often the most cost effective way to renovate a roof by allowing the user to extend the life expectancy without the need of a specialist contractor.

However, often larger roofing projects require some form of ‘guarantee’ for the client and/or building owner to provide peace of mind that the coating system applied to the roof will protect/waterproof the roof for an agreed period of time.

We offer systems that can be used year round to provide upto 5, 10, 15 and 25 years protection when applied by an approved contractor to flat, metal, pitched, felt, asbestos, corrugated roofs and more. Cold applied, seamless systems mean no need for heat or naked flames providing tough, elastomeric, waterproofing coatings that withstand thermal/structural movement.

We will visit your site and carry out a full inspection, write a tailored specification to meet your requirements and offer an approved contractor for the application. We will never offer a contractor that we have not trained and approved, all our contractors have successfully completed specific product training on the systems they apply and are monitored regularly to ensure the highest standard of quality is achieved.

By using one of our nationwide approved contractors for our products you enable yourself to take advantage of our guarantees, life expectancies and warranties. This means that if we say our system is going to last a certain amount of time, or perform in a certain way and it doesn’t, you’re covered.

If you’re a contractor and would like to become an approved installer of our systems please contact us on 0113 245 5450