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In time for summer 2018, Rawlins Paints are expanding its range of sports paints – which also include leisure centre paints, tennis and squash court paints and varnishes, and swimming pool paint – from popular commercial and industrial purpose manufacturers Coo-Var, Rust-Oleum, Blackfriar, Teamac and Mathys. If you require any additional information about the products available, please refer to product data-sheets, or contact our Technical Support team.

The common perception of sports paints may be line-marking paints for football pitches or tennis courts, or swimming pool paints. Here at Rawlins Paints we also stock heavy duty varnishes for not only gymnasiums, basketball or squash courts, but for leisure centre floors too, and anti-mould paints for areas that are of high humidity – such as locker and changing rooms.


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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 results

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Line-marking paints for tennis or netball courts, rugby and football pitches can be applied with technical airless sprays, or line-marking equipment, but for touch-up jobs and temporary markings many customers prefer to use aerosols. These line-marking aerosols are available in a wide range of colours, including white and luminous colours for improved visibility.

Many products available here are also suitable for playgrounds and adventure park equipment. Bright, colourful and water-based paints can transform and re-launch a wide number of public facilities for summer trade - inclusive of theme parks, petting zoos, 'pop-up' adventure playgrounds and holiday resort boating lakes, pitch and put golf-courses, etc. 

If you have a project requirement and can’t find or are not sure which product would be best suited for your requirements, contact our Technical Team and we will be able to assist you with products from this category, or others that would also be suitable for:

  • Sports court markings
  • Durable and heavy duty indoor court varnishes
    • Badminton
    • Squash
    • Table tennis
    • And more
  • Anti-abrasion paints for gyms
    • Prevents scuffs and marks from equipment
    • Avoid abrasion marks from trainers and drinks spills
    • Easy clean
    • Colour retention to stay on-brand
  • Outdoor surface paints
    • Court paints, and line marking sprays and paints
      • Tennis courts
      • Netball
      • Basketball
      • Football
      • Rugby
      • Hockey
      • 5-a-side football
      • Athletics
  • Washroom paints and coatings
    • Anti-damp and anti-condensation
    • Anti-slip floor paints, tapes and GRP
    • Scrubbable wall paints
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