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Sherwin-Williams Acrolon C137V2

Sherwin-Williams Acrolon C137V2 (formerly Resistex C137V2) is a high performance, fast drying acrylic urethane gloss finish for use where long term exterior gloss and colour retention characteristics are required. Acrolon C137V2 is suitable for use as a final coat(s) in conjunction with epoxy or polyurethane based protective systems for new...

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Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 400

Macropoxy 400 (formerly known as Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy C400V3) multi-functional epoxy zinc phosphate coating is suitable for the protection of steelwork in a range of exposure environments from C1 to C5. It was recently used on The Shard for corrosion protection. Recommended Uses Buildings Car parks Petrochemical plants Breweries...

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Thermoguard Thermocoat W

Thermoguard Thermocoat W is a White Intumescent Paint for steel, structural steel and cast iron:  Up to 90 minutes’ fire resistance Can be overcoated with compatible decorative topcoat Water-based Low odour Environmentally friendly Cost effective for large projects Certificate of supply available on request Can be applied by brush,...

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Rust-Oleum 7100NS Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum 7100NS Anti-Slip Floor Coating is an easy to apply, solvent based anti-slip floor coating: For foot traffic, interior and exterior Anti-slip additive is premixed in the coating For use on old concrete (>2 yrs), metal and wood Unique uniform appearance, high gloss Touch dry: 6 hours, coverage: 8m² per litre Available in...

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Spray Equipment

Choosing a spray machine to apply paint and coatings makes large jobs faster, more efficient and potentially cheaper. The amount of time that can be saved by applying our products with a paint spray machine can often cover the cost of the equipment and can be invaluable to the project. The resulting finish is often smoother and sounder and gives better protection due to thicker film builds.

Rawlins Paints sells a range of Graco products, including their spray equipment and accessories for professional paint and varnish application. Graco sprayers can also be used in domestic environments, but it can often be more complicated if you have smaller and more tricky areas to cover. Sprayers work best on medium to large, usually commercial, projects.

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Graco 390 Classic PC Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco 390 Classic PC electric airless paint sprayer is an entry level. 110v stand mounted paint spray unit with a max fluid pressure of 3300psi, and capable of supporting up to a 0.0021`` spray tip. The Graco 390 has the ProConnect pump for quick and easy pump changes/maintenance. All aluminium construction is durable, lightweight and...

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Graco UltraMax Airless Cordless Sprayer (Water & Solvent Based Materials)

Ultra airless handheld cordless sprayers are designed specifically for small interior, exterior and specialty projects. The true advantages of the Ultra handheld sprayers are the Perfect Airless Finish, ultimate portability on the job, and that it is ready to spray in seconds. Painting contractors can easily spray those small jobs without...

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Graco HVLP TurboForce II Standard 7.0 110V

Graco HVLP TurboForce II Standard 7.0 110V is the professional sprayers fine finish HVLP system. The unit is portable weighing just 14kg, and has a stainless steel casing for durability. Each unit comes complete with the Edge II spray gun with #3 needle/nozzle kit and 6m of superflex air hose. 50% smaller 30% lighter Rugged, stainless...

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Graco 595 ST Max II PC PRO Airless Sprayer

The Graco ST max PC Pro range of electric airless spray units are the ideal choice for the painting professional. Suitable for both commercial and domestic spray applications, both inside and outside. All units have the pro-connect pump assembly enabling quick and easy pump changes and maintenance on site.

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Graco Mark V Max Standard Heavy Duty Sprayer

Graco Mark V Max Standard Heavy Duty Sprayer is the electric airless sprayer for spraying paints; intumescent coatings and sprayable plasters. It is the industry standard for heavy duty coatings, with proven reliability and performance. The Graco Mark V is suitable for internal and external painting jobs, and can support up to a 0.039``...

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Graco TSL (Throat Seal Liquid)

Graco fluids and protectants keep your equipment in top performing condition and are approved for use in all airless pumps. Keeps your Graco sprayers running smoothly by keeping paint from drying onto vital pump components. Keeps paint from dying on vital components, extending sprayer life Protects pump rod and pickings Reduces friction,...

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Graco Pump Armor

Graco Pump Armor is specially formulated to protect airless pump components during long-term storage. It virtually eliminates damage due to corrosion. In addition, it`s packaged in a wide mouth bottle which conveniently fits most pump intake tubes - no waste! Use full strength for maximum corrosion protection Freeze-proof to -30 degrees F....

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20 Litre Backpack Knapsack Pressure Sprayer

This knapsack sprayer has a capacity of 20lts of liquid and is perfect to perform a versatile range of tasks. Suitable tasks include killing weeds to spraying fences. Fire retardant fluids such as Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment, Thermoguard Thermoproof Exterior Fluid and Hydron Nu-Flame Clear Impregnation can be easily applied with...

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Graco Airless Spray Equipment

We have a range of Graco spray machines, suitable for people new to spraying and professionals alike.

Easy to use Graco Sprayer

Ideal for those starting out and beginner spray painters, the Graco 390 Airless Spray Machine is ideal for residential work. It’s portable, and squeezes all of Graco’s big technology into a small size. It’s easy to carry, can spray most interior paints and it’s easy to remove the hose for cleaning. It’s ideal for repainting or remodelling the interior or exterior of residential properties, as well as light commercial buildings and property maintenance.

Graco Easymax Cordless Airless Sprayer

Offering a brand new way to spray paint, Graco EasyMax FF Airless paint sprayers use a professional piston pump design and are completely cordless, yet deliver the same performance power as Graco’s corded airless sprayers.

Easy to shift around from one job to another, this professional Graco airless spray machine gives the perfect finish and is ready to use within seconds. You don’t need to dilute most common interior and fine paints and you only need to make one pass to cover your surface.

Perfect for spraying rooms that need different coloured walls and ceilings, the Graco EasyMax WP II uses the same technology as the FF, but with more portability. It’s ideal to use for maintenance, whether it’s repairing objects, to repair walls and to spray paint jobs up to a maximum surface area of 50m². Any kind of smaller jobs such as garage doors, cabinets, carports, garden sheds can be quickly and easily dealt with using the EasyMax.

HVLP Spray Equipment

Specially designed to be easy to use for the professional and the first time spray painter, Graco HVLP TurboForce 7.0. HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray guns are great for fine finishes and has excellent control. Using TurboForce technology, which gives 30% more performance than older models. More air pressure means less thinning of the product and a higher efficiency of surface coverage.

Graco Standard Sprayers

One of the most popular airless paint sprayers is the Graco UltraMax II 695 Standard. Using the industry standard Graco Endurance Pump, it runs almost silently and has a totally enclosed motor, which means you never need to change brushes. It’s heavy duty and designed to withstand a lot of use.

Paint Sprayer Accessories

We sell spares and Graco accessories for our paint spraying machine range, including Graco Throat Seal Liquid, to keep your equipment in top shape. Graco Pump Armour is specifically to protect airless pump parts.

For expert advice and guidance on sprayers and which would work best for your needs, contact our Technical Team.