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Intumescent paints for steel, structural steel and cast iron at Rawlins Paints are available with 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire protection, to accompany fire retardant paints for other surfaces, available here. The intumescent coating products listed on this page are available for interior and exterior use and come in a full range of colours, with full product descriptions available on each item. The fire resistant paints are easy to apply by brush, roller or spray, with no specialist skills required and fire certificate issued on completion.

How Does Intumescent Paint Work?

Intumescent coating or sealants swell up when heated (in a fire for example) and protects the material (steel or wood) underneath it, sealing a gap and making the surface fire retardant. As the intumescent layer swells up, it increases its surface volume, which then helps to decrease the intensity of the flames. The top coating produces a light char as it is burnt, which makes it a poor conductor of heat and the spread of fire. Application of intumescent paint layers helps fireproof structural steel, steal beams, steelwork or cast iron and can be used externally or internally, on small or larger areas.

Thermoguard, Bollom and Other Fireproof Paint for Steel

Fire retardant paint for steel and paint for cast iron manufacturers supplied by rawlinspaints.com include 3M, Astroflame, Bollom Fireshield and Brosteel Ultra 60, International, Jotun Steelmaster, Sika and Thermoguard Thermocoat - a water based intumescent paint system.

Customer Service

Applying flame retardant paint to steelwork can be easy and we can help you ensure you achieve the protection you require and guarantee yourself a fire certificate. The more information you give us about the steel you have to protect, the less paint you will require, as the more accurate we can be with our specification. We prefer to speak to our customers prior to them purchasing these intumescent paints to make sure you're getting the right product and are confident of how to use it correctly. 

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