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Stonelux, the nation's #1 manufacturer of Stone Effect Paints and Brick Repair products for over 20 years, are available to buy at Rawlins Paints. Stonelux's coatings are designed to look, feel and weather like natural stone and brick work, giving existing sound surfaces a new lease of life.

Easy to use by professionals and consumers alike, Stonelux Stone Effect Paints have been developed with the UK's rich stone heritage at heart, with many natural stone shades available. They help to blend and match damaged areas to existing stone and brickwork, and to convert other surfaces including wood and marble to look like natural stone.

Why stone paint? Look all around! The UK's villages and towns are historically built from stone and it continues to be a popular architectural choice in the construction of new buildings.

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Stonelux Fireplace Paint

Stonelux Fireplace Paint, a water-based, durable, stone effect paint for interior use that provides a very hard-wearing, breathable, stone effect finish that looks and feels like natural stone. It is an extremely cost-effective alternative to replacing an existing fireplace and can be applied by brush, roller, and spray. Specially formulated...

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Stonelux Primer & Undercoat

Stonelux Primer & Undercoat, a water-based, high performance, primer and undercoat which has been specially formulated for application to substrates prior to the application of StoneLux Stone Effect Paints. Stonelux Primer & Undercoat is suitable for for interior and exterior applications onto old, weathered and pre-painted surfaces...

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